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Four short blood and gore movies that are coordinated and composed by ladies.

Feb 17,2017

Hollywood Movies | Horror

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Length: 80 Minute(s)
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XX is another frightfulness treasury with a sexual orientation curve - all sections will be helmed by female executives and will star female leads. The chiefs have been sans given inventive rein inside spending plan and time imperatives, however the majority of the portions themselves will include the repulsiveness kind.

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Movie Parental Guide

violence Mild blood in the second segment. Lots of blood and violence in the third segment.
alcohol Lots of drinking and smoking in the third segment.
frightening In the first segment, two children and their father refuse to eat over the course of a few months and slowly lose weight. Their final appearance is extremely malnourished and disturbing. In the second segment, a father is found dead and his body is revealed at his daughter's birthday party. In the third segment, a girl turns into a demonic creature and, one by one, kills each of her friends, in bloody and gruesome ways. In the fourth segment, a teenage turns into a demon.

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