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With the emergence of the world#39;s first mutant, Apocalypse, the X-Men must unite to defeat his extinction level plan.
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Since the beginning of human progress, he was worshiped as a divine being. End of the world, the first and most intense mutant from Marvel's X-Men universe, amassed the forces of numerous different mutants, getting to be eternal and invulnerable. After arousing after a huge number of years, he is baffled with the world as he discovers it and enlisted people a group of capable mutants, including a dispirited Magneto, to purge humanity and make another world request, over which he will rule. As the destiny of the Earth remains in a critical state, Raven with the assistance of Professor X must lead a group of youthful X-Men to stop their most noteworthy enemy and spare humanity from complete pulverization.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The character of Raven/Mystique is sometimes seen wearing some revealing clothes, she can also in one moment be seen in her true-form/naked but no revealing body parts are shown and not meant to be sexual.
violence Moderate portrayals of violence with some details are depicted. Portrayals of violence also include some infliction of pain and injury but are never detailed, intense or prolonged. The film contains several sequences of violence, where moderately impactful blows are portrayed, along with occasional details such as infliction of pain and injury. In one scene, three men are decapitated by a mutant, but the depiction is not detailed, and partly obscured by a cloud of dust. Another mildly impactful depiction of violence occurs when a person's leg is broken when he is kicked from the side of the knee joint. While there is no depiction of bloodshed, the injury is implied by the sound effects and the angling of the leg. In addition, there is also a scene where a person is held by the neck and choked for a period of time. Throughout the film, there are sequences of combat amongst mutants and between the mutants and humans, with occasional moderately impactful depictions of violence. Such depictions of violence are more suited for a teen audience.
profanity Expletives are featured, but used infrequently. There is an utterance of the expletive "f**k" in the film. However unlike the previous X-Men prequels it is not expressed to annoy someone but rather by being angry.
alcohol A mutant is shown drunk on one scene.
frightening The main antagonist has the power to "merge" humans into walls and floors. A human is slowly merged into a wall with visible distress and pain on his face (happens twice). Blood can be seen briefly spurting when Wolverine arrives. The antagonist causes several people at once to fall through the floor, stopping them when their body parts are sticking out of the floor, still attached to wherever their bodies are. The people scream briefly, and then are silenced. The body parts are shown twitching.

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