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Two mutants come to a private academy for their kind whose resident superhero team must oppose a terrorist organization with similar powers.

Jul 14,2000

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Action | Sci-Fi

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In a world where both Mutants and Humans fear each other, Marie, better known as Rogue, runs away from home and hitches a ride with another mutant, known as Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine. Charles Xavier, who owns a school for young mutants, sends Storm and Cyclops to bring them back before it is too late. Magneto, who believes a war is approaching, has an evil plan in mind, and needs young Rogue to help him.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There is some sexual banter between Logan & Jean Grey.
violence Contains a number of Intense, Rapid fight scenes, although there is not many since this film focuses on the story much more than the action. Still, Parents keep in mind of these sequences when they pop up, as well as a few very startling and disturbing images as well. Rogue has the power to kill people by physical contact. she kisses a boy briefly and nearly kills him. she says that he is in the hospital with a coma. Wolverine fights two men in a cage match in a bar, there is punching, throwing, kicking ect but most of it is in quick cuts and from a distance so that we see very little detail. It is more injurious than it superficially appears considering Wolverine is punching with fists reinforced with their skeletal frame reinforced by super-hand metal. A car crashes and Wolverine smashes out of the windscreen, his is then picked up and thrown against the car. Bloody marks are seen on his forehead, although he heals instantly. Storm is picked up by her throat and briefly choked, Magneto uses his psychokinesis to throw people and objects about. Professor Charles Xavior is violently poisoned as a result of Mystique injecting a dark green serum into Cerebro; Shocking & Emotional. He is then seen lying on a hospital bed, but appears to be fine at the end of the film. Toad jumps on two people, it's implied that they are crushed under his weight, but this is off-screen. Magneto magnetically lifts Logan/Wolverine into the air and violently/brutally bends his metal claws, causing him pain, then tosses him into a metal door, leaving him briefly unconscious. A man expands and then turns into water and dies; fairly graphic & disturbing A long fight scene between the X-men and three of the enemies, there is no blood or gore, just punching, throwing ect. mystigue is stabbed through the chest by wolverine, very small amount of blood. Wolverine has to stab himself to escape a trap and then fights saber-tooth. Cyclops shoots lasers at two characters. A young boy (about 13) is hit in the head with the handle of a gun. Toad slimes Jean Grey in the face; just disgusting, not gory. During the Final Confrontation between the X-Men & The Brotherhood, numerous fights take place: Toad fights with Jean, Cyclops, and Storm, kicking & throwing them around, and Storm is knocked into a plate glass table (very little blood) and into an elevator shaft at one point, though she survives just fine & eventually shocks Toad into the ocean, presumably killing him; Logan/Wolverine fights Mystique (who takes on the appearance of Wolverine himself, to fool the other X-Men), and their fight is stylized and intense, ranging from Mystique picking up a metal gate, repeatedly hitting Wolverine with it, kicking him, & breaking his back, while Wolverine continuously slashes out at her. Mystique escapes, but then Wolverine soon gets the drop on her while she poses as Storm to distract him, and he impales Mystique with his claws (blood is present on her chest from the stab wounds); The fight with Sabertooth against Logan/Wolverine is Brutal, Rapid, and Exciting, with both characters constantly punching, kicking, throwing, and stabbing each other, violently (some blood present). Soon enough, Logan/Wolverine picks up Cyclops' visor as Jean telekinetically lifts it to Cyclops' eyes just in time to knock Sabertooth out of the Statue, falling to his death; As the battle comes to a close, the four X-Men (Logan, Jean, Cyclops, Storm) overlook the device made by Magneto that is attached to the torch; Rogue is stuck inside, with the device slowly aging & killing her. The team debate whether or not to destroy the machine, but Jean says that by doing so would kill both Rogue & Magneto. Logan swiftly offers to take the risk, & Storm lifts Logan up in the air while Jean steadies him. Logan nearly misses the top of the statue but manages to grab a portion of it just in time. Logan leaps down into the already mechanized device, and attepts to free Rogue, although Magneto quickly stops him by magnetically forcing his claws away, and violently bending them, thus hurting Logan. The effects of the machine begin to increase over the horizon, almost hitting the edge of New York until Cyclops blasts Magneto in the back, allowing Logan to finally destroy the machine, with the citizens unharmed. Intense, Epic, & Riveting At the end of the film, Logan/Wolverine sacrifices himself by holding onto a (presumed) dead Rogue, who is resurrected to life when Logan's healing ability passes onto her briefly, causing him to permit large bloody lacerations on his face, and blood spilling from his back (Brief, yet very sudden/shocking) Most emotional moment of the film wolverine accidently stabbed Rogue in the chest. wolverine's healing powers are transferred to Rogue and Rogue nearly kills wolverine.
profanity One use of "shit". one use of "balls". One use of "dick". Wolverine sticks up his middle claw at Cyclops. done for laughs One use of son of a bitch
alcohol Wolverine is smoking a cigar in a few scenes at the beginning of the film. Wolverine buys a bottle of beer but gets distracted after drinking almost none of it. One scene is set in a bar where people can be seen drinking and smoking in the background.
frightening The film is more of a Dark Psychological Character Drama containing Superheroic elements... The overall tone and look of the film is bleak, depressing, and intimidating, and could scare or even frighten young children, especially the mature tone it handles... NOT for young children; Pre-Teens/Young Teens should be able to handle it though The opening scene set in Poland during WW2 may be found upsetting as a young boy is separated from his mother by soldiers. The scene in which a man expands to a large size and then dies by melting into water is pretty shocking and happens very suddenly which could surprise you. Younger viewers may find this scene disturbing or scary. A few mildly intense scenes. Some briefly seen flashbacks to experiments on Wolverine may be found slightly upsetting. The appearances of Sabertooth, Mystique, & Toad could be considered frightening & intimidating to some. The entire finale atop the Statue of Liberty, between The X-Men and The Brotherhood, is Fast, Visceral, Intense, and Very Suspenseful (see 'Violence/Gore' section for more details). Rogue is briefly killed by the effects of the machine, that is until Logan comes in to rescue her. The final scene of Logan's sacrifice is emotionally intense.

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