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An occasion gathering debilitates to go off the rails when Ned Fleming understands that his girl#39;s Silicon Valley tycoon sweetheart is going to pop the question.

Dec 22,2016

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Over the occasions, Ned (Bryan Cranston), an overprotective yet cherishing father and his family visit his girl at Stanford, where he meets his greatest bad dream: her good natured yet socially unbalanced Silicon Valley very rich person sweetheart, Laird (James Franco). The competition develops,and Ned's frenzy level experiences the rooftop when he gets himself lost in this spectacular cutting edge world and discovers that Laird is going to pop the question.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The portrayal of various mature themes are discussed, albeit treated with discretion. The film contains various sexual references that occur in a comedic setting. The sexual references include (but are not limited to), a Japanese word that evokes imagery of the aftermath of sex, which is misunderstood by a character and used incorrectly by him; passing remarks about the curvatures of a woman's body; euphemisms about intercourse and a sexual fetish; sexual advances towards a married woman, including the use of an abbreviation that alludes to sexual activity to describe her; art paintings that depict animals in mounting positions and abstract metal sculptures that are interpreted by characters as representations of sexual acts; and a brief, incidental scene of two men kissing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Various non-explicit depictions of sexual activities are also featured, and they are neither detailed nor prolonged. There are also some implied sexual scenes in the film. The first scene depicts an intoxicated woman trying to arouse her husband by posturing herself provocatively at him. When he refuses to engage in sex, the woman is then implied to achieve gratification through the use of a toilet bidet. The second scene depicts a couple engaging in foreplay. After the woman lies down on a tabletop, the man is seen to move his head downwards and out of frame to imply oral sex. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the sexual references and implied sexual scenes do not contain strong details or explicit descriptions, they can be permissible for an older teen audience.
profanity The infrequent use of stronger expletives such as "motherf**ker" is featured, but they are justified by context and not impactful. The film contains moderate uses of coarse language, such as the expletive "f**k", as well as the stronger expletive "motherf**ker". These words are uttered sporadically and non-aggressively throughout the film when characters engage in day-to-day conversation with each other.
alcohol The film contains some verbal references to drug use where a character is implied to have taken marijuana. The discussions are, however, depicted as brief, discreet and do not encourage drug use.
frightening 'Why Him?' is a comedy that revolves around the Fleming family and their daughter's rich techno-entrepreneur boyfriend, Laird. The stark difference in personality between the father and Laird results in the planned family visit ending in disaster. Official MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong language and sexual material throughout

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