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A sensation of the 20 July death and political upset plot by edgy maverick German Army officers against Hitler amid World War II.

Dec 25,2008

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller | History

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In Nazi Germany amid World War II, as the tide turned for The Allies, a framework of senior German officers and lawmakers urgently plot to topple the Nazi administration before the country is pulverized in a close inescapable annihilation. To this end, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, an Army officer persuaded he should spare Germany from Hitler, is enrolled to engineer a genuine arrangement. To do as such, he masterminds the inside crisis measure, Operation: Valkyrie, to be changed to empower his colleagues to seize control of Berlin after the death of the Fuhrer. In any case, even as the arrangement is put without hesitation, a blend of misfortune and human failings scheme all alone to make a catastrophe that would drag out the more noteworthy one grasping Europe.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity We can see a nude female statue for a few seconds. At a party, we a few woman making suggestive movements and making out with soldiers (brief).
violence A man is riddled with shrapnel, and has is eye shot out and fingers shot off (somewhat bloody). Aicraft strafe a military position and kill several soldiers (bloody). A doctor goes in detail to a woman about how her husband has lost his hand, eye and fingers. A man is shot in the arm (blood). A character prepares to commit suicide by putting a poison pill in his mouth but later spits it out. A character shoots himself in the head onscreen, but we don't see the actual impact and there is no blood. Men are executed by firing squad. We see blood splatter when they are shot and killed. A character gets hit in the gut by a rifle butt and is led away to execution.
profanity 1 use of fuck A few uses of bastard and damn The phrases "For God's sake" and "What the hell" are used.
alcohol Many characters smoke throughout. As an assassination attempt, an undercover agent hands a Nazi a Liquor package with a bomb inside. Characters drink wine at a party.
frightening A couple startling gunshots and explosions. Most notably the explosion in the Hitler Assassination attempt- while you do see it coming, it still startles you because you think it's going to start later. The entire scene is intense because of what could happen to the conspirators if they fail. You also see a man who has had his hand amputated do a salute to Hitler and you see the nub. This film has an intense atmosphere throughout. The executions/suicides at the end are intense and emotional.

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