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Unlocked (2017)

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Production: Lionsgate Premiere

Apr 27,2017

Hollywood Movies | Action | Thriller

Ratings: 6.1 / 10 from

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Size: 728 MB
Length: 98 Minute(s)
Resolution: 720p , 1080p Bluray

A CIA interrogator is lured into a ruse that puts London at risk of a biological attack. A CIA agent is baited into a trap involving London and a biological attack.

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Movie Parental Guide

violence There are some scenes of violence where bloodletting is depicted. Some of the stronger scenes include one in which a man is shot in the head, with little blood spurting shown; a scene in which a character cuts a man in his thigh as they are walking past each other, leading to blood pooling around the victim's leg; etc. In another scene, a man gets slit in his throat. While the slitting is implied, he is seen covering the wound with his hands while blood gushes through his fingers.
profanity The infrequent use of stronger expletives such as "motherf**ker" or "c**t" are voiced but it is justified by context and not impactful. The film contains an utterance of the expletive "motherf**ker". The film also contains some use of the expletive "f**k", as well as some mild bad language such as the terms "asshole", "hell" and "shit".
frightening 'Unlocked' is an action thriller that revolves around retired CIA interrogator, Alice, who is reluctantly thrown into the forefront of espionage fieldwork when she is asked to help interrogate a man who is suspected to be involved in an impending terror attack. However, Alice soon realizes that the case is not as it appears, and she has to uncover the real mastermind before innocent lives are lost. Official BBFC Rating: 15 (strong language, violence)

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