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The son of a virtual world designer goes looking for his father and ends up inside the digital world that his father designed. He meets his father#39;s corrupted creation and a unique ally who was born inside the digital world.

Dec 17,2010

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Action

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Sam Flynn, the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn, looks into his father's disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 20 years. Along with Kevin's loyal confidant Quorra, father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous. Meanwhile, the malevolent program CLU, who dominates the digital world, plans to invade the real world and will stop at nothing to prevent their escape.

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Movie Parental Guide

violence 6/10 Inside the Grid, "games" consist of video game-like disk-throwing and vehicle-racing competitions that always end with one competitor's death. Because the vanquished are programs, they do not die as real world humans do. Instead, their bodies shatter into thousands of tiny bits; this is called de-resolution, or de-rezzing for short. During the Sam vs. Rinzler disk battle, Rinzler injures Sam and draws blood. A partially de-rezzed program has a large section of his face missing, leaving rough-edged pixelation running down from his eye. During Clu's pursuit of Sam, Flynn, and Quorra, the fleeing trio manage to switch positions with one of their pursuers and subsequently fire on him from behind. One shot connects squarely with the hapless program's head, obliterating most of it. Rinzler , having regained his memories as Tron, crashes his Light Jet into Clu's. As he freefalls afterwards, he is about to activate his spare Light Jet, but Clu, also freefalling, catches up to him. After a brief struggle, Clu violently kicks Rinzler in the head twice and steals the Light Jet, flying away as Rinzler crash-lands into the Sea of Simulation. At the End of Line club, CLU's guards 'kill' many programs by deresolution, this is a fairly intense scene, especially when Quorra has her arm severed by one guard's laser sword, she goes unconscious, but we find she is alive when Kevin Flynn reboots her system.
alcohol 2/10 Sam opens up a beer and offers one to Alan. At the End of Line Club, it is implied that the programs are drinking computer world equivalents to alcoholic beverages.
frightening 5/10 The main disc fight between Sam and Rinzler can be quite intense, as is the light cycle match and the ending sequence when Flynn re-integrates with Clu. Clu cheats in a race by slitting another program's neck with his light disk. The victim screams, chokes, falls off his lightcycle, and de-rezzes. Sam jumps off the roof of a skyscraper, which starts out looking like a suicide, but he is shown to have a parachute. The deresolution sequences can be frightening to some kids. TOTAL: 17/50 10+

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