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We All Know One.

Jul 17,2015

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

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Having thought that monogamy was never possible, a commitment-phobic career woman may have to face her fears when she meets a good guy.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 8/10 The only nudity shown are men's nude buttocks, no female nudity. Amy has oral sex with a random guy, but after reaching orgasm, she sleeps. (nothing except the action seen). Amy has a fling with Steven, first waking up in an apartment not remembering who he was. They have sex again in a later scene, including a scene where Steven is encouraged to talk dirty to Amy. We also see Steven fully nude, with a towel covering his crotch. When Amy and Aaron first have sex, she is first seen wearing a bra and mini skirt kissing him. She then takes off his jacket and pulls down his trousers. She pushes him onto a couch and takes off her underwear from under her skirt. She straddles him and they continue to kiss. She repositions herself slightly and Aaron exclaims " Oh s**t! We are doing this right now" implying that they've started intercourse. She starts thrusting on top of him as they kiss passionately (Aaron briefly kisses her cleavage as well). Amy and Donald kiss and exchange graphic dialogue. He removes his shirt and asks her to hit him. She does, weakly. The scene ends when his mother arrives and shouts that he is 16. This scene is played for laughs. A woman makes graphic comments about a man's large genitals. We see a man and a woman lying in bed, slightly out of breath after just having sex. The man wraps his arms around the woman and lightly kisses her shoulders. Very sexual talks throughout and lots of graphic talks about genitals.
violence 3/10 A surgeon preforms knee surgery. We see the opened up knee in graphic detail. As the lead female is in the observation room watching the knee surgery, she gags and then throws up onto the observation glass. A man is seen, after falling. He is bleeding. He receives stitches, which we see being applied. A surgeon talks with his patient before an operation. The patient tears out his I.V and runs away. There is a splatter of blood on the surgeon's face. A man is pushed to the ground while playing basketball with another man.
profanity 8/10 Many F words throughout Lots of uses of d*ck Many other words throughout
alcohol 7/10 The main character is a serious drinker. Her home is littered with alcohol bottles. She drinks during the day, and is often black-out drunk. She also smokes marijuana twice in public and is seen with smoke paraphernalia. A man is implied to be receiving alcoholic. A man stashes his pain medications. He dies because of this.
frightening 16+

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