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A single mother finds that things in her family#39;s life go very wrong after her two young children visit their grandparents.

Sep 11,2015

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Horror

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Two children are sent to their grandparents house to spend a week with their grandparents while their single mom goes on a relaxing vacation with her boyfriend. One of the kids, Becca, decides to film a documentary about her grandparents in order to help her mom reconnect with her parents and also find out some things about her parents as well. While filming the documentary, however, Becca and her little brother, Tyler, discover a dark secret about their grandparents.


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Movie Parental Guide

nudity An elderly woman is shown nude from the back, but the scene is very dark, so it's hard to see. After crawling around quickly, an elderly woman turns around to reveal that her dress is ripped and part of her buttock is exposed. Played for laughs. Boy raps mildly sexually suggestive lyrics, such as having a girl "in [his] bed", and using the word "hoe".
violence Some images of dead bodies are shown towards the end of the film. The murder of the real grandparents is implied, and the dead bodies are briefly shown. The children, particularly towards the end of the film, are cruelly terrorised. The fake 'Nana' is stabbed with a shard of glass repeatedly, with some brief blood. The act is brief and dark, which lessens the impact. The fake 'Pop Pop' is repeatedly tackled shoved, then it is implied that his head is smashed between a fridge and a fridge door. A body is seen hanging from afar. Brief. It is implied that the the boy has been hit on the head with an object. Brief mild injury detail.
profanity 1 use of "f---", pretty hard to hear however. (Any of you bitches wanna f--- with me now?), said by a 13 year old boy, after he kills the main villain. A middle finger gesture and some uses of "shit" is also present. Various uses of "G-damn", "Jesus" "douche", "ass", "shit", "hell", "bitch", "hoe" in dialogue and in rap songs.
alcohol Grandmother smokes a cigarette at one point in the film.
frightening Towards the end of the film, a boy who is severely germophobic has a used adult diaper smeared on his face. We don't see the direct act happening but we hear the noise and see the aftermath. An psychotic old lady vomits onto a young girl and she cries. A young girl is going through a basement and briefly sees the corpses of her real grandparents in a dumpster. A girl opens a door to leave the house and sees a corpse hanging from a noose. An elderly man is seen putting a rifle in his mouth before pulling it out when he realizes he is being watched. An elderly woman asks a young girl to climb inside of an oven to clean it. This happens twice, but nothing comes of it. Nana turns into a monster and tries to devour Becca alive, until Becca stabs her on the head with the shards from a broken mirror.

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