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This film is about a man whose job is to deliver packages without asking any questions. Complications arise when he breaks those rules.

Oct 11,2002

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime | Thriller

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Length: 92 Minute(s)
Resolution: 608x256

Ex-Special Forces operator Frank Martin lives what seems to be a quiet life along the French Mediterranean, hiring himself out as a mercenary "transporter" who moves goods--human or otherwise--from one place to another. No questions asked. Carrying out mysterious and sometimes dangerous tasks in his tricked-out BMW, Frank adheres to a strict set of rules, which he never breaks. Rule One: Never change the deal. Rule Two: No names--Frank doesn't want to know whom he's working for, or what he's transporting. Rule Three: never look in the package. Frank's newest transport seems no different from the countless ones he's done in the past. He's been hired by an American known only as "Wall Street" to make a delivery; but when Frank stops along the route, he notices his package is moving. Violating Rule Three, Frank looks inside the bag, finding its contents to be a beautiful, gagged woman. Frank's steadfast adherence to his other two rules--which make up his basic code of survival--also ...

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 2/10 Frank takes his shirt off for long periods of time. Most notably, there is a scene where Frank and Lai are swimming. they get out of the water and Frank takes his shirt off. Lai takes her shirt and pants off and she is seen in her underwear and undershirt. Her clothes are wet and her buttocks are visible through her underwear. They make out on a bed and it is implied that they have sex. Lai says "You're always complaining except when we make love."
violence 6/10 Fight scenes where people get badly injured, but few deaths and little blood. One instance were someone is shot in the head and a small amount of blood spatters onto the window of the car.
profanity 4/10 1 use of bitch 1 not fully enunciated F-word. 3 racial slurs (heard in a song) At least one S-word (Bullshit) 2 Middle Finger Frank says "Go screw yourself" Goddamn used twice
alcohol 1/10 marijuana is mentioned in a song people are seen smoking casualy people are seen drinking
frightening 5/10 Some intense action but hardly any blood or gore. The music and lighting/setting more often than not make light of the hand to hand and some shooting. The theme of human trafficking may be disturbing to some.

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