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From the Writers of (500) Days of Summer

Aug 02,2013

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Romance

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Length: 95 Minute(s)
A hard-partying high school senior's philosophy on life changes when he meets the not-so-typical "nice girl."
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Teen sex is portrayed often and partial nudity shown. A teen boy and teen girl are both wearing underwear and a T-shirt; they pull off their shirts. The girl then has on a bra and we see some of the boy's bare chest; as they kiss and lie down, the girl hands the boy a condom and they get under the covers. The boy is shown thrusting slowly while we hear her breathing heavily (bed sheets and darkly-lit cinematography cover the nudity). This scene, shot in one long take, is not particularly graphic but quite realistic. The girl's nipples are shown, however. They lay together and talk. (0:41:40-46:33) A teen girl is seen on top of a teen boy and although the shot is fuzzy, it appears to be a flashback of the boy having sex with the girl; we hear some sexual moaning and we see her from the shoulders-up (she appears to be shirtless, but once again, the shot is very blurry). (0:1:09-17) A teen girl leans over while wearing a tank top and we see her cleavage. A teen girl has her shirt tied under her bust; she is wearing a bikini under the shirt and a portion of her bare torso is visible. Two young women kiss a teen boy on the cheek; the teen boy makes a sexual remark and the young women walk away. A teen boy and a teen girl are seen sitting on the teen girl's bed and they make a vague reference to them having sex; the girl begins to cry and sends the boy away. Teens dance suggestively at a prom. Teen boys occasionally use terms like "sweet action" and "tongue action." Some non-explicit dialogue about infidelity.
violence While driving drunk, Sutter swerves into oncoming traffic and Aimee shouts at him; he swerves back into his lane and stops the car, he shouts at Aimee after she acts concerned for the teen boy's health. She gets out of the car and we see a semi-truck drive by rapidly and hit Aimee; we see her in the hospital with her arm in a sling and she is later seen with her arm in a sling and a small bruise on her eye. While driving drunk, a teen boy swerves in and out of his lane of traffic as he is drifting in and out of consciousness; we see the boy drive down a street and plow over a mailbox, the boy's mother comes out of the house and shouts at him as he shouts back and she chases him into their house. A teen boy rapidly approaches another teen boy and it appears that he is about to hit him; we see the boy flinch and the other boy stands down. A teen girl accidentally hits a teen boy in the face and the boy jokes that the girl gave him "a bruise." A teen boy fires a water pistol at another teen boy. A woman jokingly acts like she is going to punch her teenage son and they both laugh. We hear a dog yelp and a teen boy jokes that he hit the dog with a newspaper that he was tossing, but that the dog was unharmed (we do not see the dog or impact). A teen girl shouts at a teen boy and storms away. A teen girl says that her father had died from a drug overdose, explaining that her older sister had found him dead and had to close his eyelids. A doctor advises a teen boy that the police could be involved (we do not see the police) after an incident when a teen girl was struck by a truck. We hear a portion of a story where a teen boy tells a teen girl that he had jumped out of a car going 25 MPH. A teen boy jokes that people defecate in water, and that people should not swim in it (we see people swimming in the background).
profanity About 40 F-words and its derivatives. A boy uses two obscene hand gestures toward a teen girl and a teen boy. Four sexual references, 18 scatological terms (including seeing it typed in a document on-screen), 10 mild obscenities, two religious profanities (GD, Christ's sake) and 12 religious exclamations (e.g. "Oh, my God," "God," "Jesus"). Name-calling (i.e. "sons of guns," "stoner," "the joke everyone thinks you are") and exclamations ("shut up").
alcohol The main character, a teen boy, is an alcoholic. This can be uncomfortable for some. Throughout the film, he drinks beer and liquor from flasks and coolers at bars, parties, and by himself. A teenage girl also does the same at parties. There is alcohol is almost every scene in the film. At least three characters are shown intoxicated (including one driving under the influence). A man lectures a teen boy about not showing up at work drunk. A teen girl asks a teen boy if he has "made her a lush" when he tells her about his new girlfriend. A man smokes cigarettes near-constantly. We also see a teen girl hold a lit cigarette, and a teen boy is seen smoking what appears to be a marijuana cigarette. Some mild discussion of alcoholism and drinking.
frightening In a scene with Sutter and Aimee driving back to their home town from visiting Sutter's father, Sutter screams at Aimee to get out of his car, after which she is suddenly struck by a fast-moving vehicle.

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