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The main human conceived on Mars goes to Earth interestingly, encountering the miracles of the planet through crisp eyes. He leaves on an enterprise with a road shrewd young lady to find how he came to be.

Jan 26,2017

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Adventure | Romance

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In this interplanetary enterprise, a space carry sets out on the main mission to colonize Mars, just to find after departure that one of the space explorers is pregnant. Not long after landing, she bites the dust from entanglements while bringing forth the primary human conceived on the red planet - never uncovering who the father is. In this manner starts the uncommon existence of Gardner Elliot - a curious, exceptionally canny kid who achieves the age of 16 having just met 14 individuals in his extremely unusual childhood. While looking for hints about his dad, and the home planet he's never known, Gardner starts an online fellowship with a road keen young lady in Colorado named Tulsa. When he at long last gets an opportunity to go to Earth, he's anxious to experience the majority of the marvels he could just read about on Mars - from the most easy to the remarkable. In any case, once his investigations start, researchers find that Gardner's organs can't withstand Earth's air. Anxious to discover his dad, Gardner gets away from the group...

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profanity The film contains some coarse language, such as the terms "damn", "dick", "ass" and "crap".
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