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A lady leaves an Austrian religious circle to wind up a tutor to the offspring of a Naval officer widower. span class=imdbRatingPlugin data-style=p3 data-title=tt0059742 data-user=ur40259977 style=color:white;a target=_blankimg alt=The Sound of Music (1965) on IMDb src=http:g-ecx.images-amazon.comimagesG01imdbpluginsratingimagesimdb_37x18.png aspan

Mar 29,1965

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In 1930's Austria, a young lady named Maria is fizzling hopelessly in her endeavors to end up a religious woman. At the point when the Navy skipper Georg Von Trapp keeps in touch with the religious circle requesting a tutor that can deal with his seven devilish youngsters, Maria is given the employment. The Captain's significant other is dead, and he is regularly away, and runs the family unit as entirely as he does the boats he cruises on. The kids are miserable and angry of the tutors that their dad continues employing, and have figured out how to run each of them off one by one. At the point when Maria arrives, she is at first met with the same threatening vibe, yet her thoughtfulness, comprehension, and feeling of fun soon attracts them to her and brings some truly necessary bliss into every one of their lives - including the Captain's. In the long run he and Maria wind up beginning to look all starry eyed at, despite the fact that Georg is as of now connected with to a Baroness and Maria is still a postulant. The sentiment makes them both begin scrutinizing the choices they have made. Their own contentions soon get to be .

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 1/10, Some female characters, e.g. the Baroness, are wearing what some might call provacative dresses.
violence 1/10 A character is threatened at gunpoint in the climax. That's about it, but it is more suspenseful than violent, which the film has no actual violence.
profanity None.
alcohol The Baroness smokes cigarettes in a couple scenes. Then again, America rated this G back in 1970. There is a formal party where the guests are drinking champagne and other alcoholic beverages. During a song, the oldest daughter (16) asks the Captain if she can taste champagne. He refuses. It's insinuated that some pink lemonade the adults are drinking has alcohol in it, commenting "...its not too sweet . It's not too sour. It's just too pink"
frightening The Nazi flag is displayed prominently in two scenes, and Nazi soldiers are seen marching. The family gets chased by the Nazi soldiers near the end. No one gets hurt or killed. This could definitely be intense for younger children. The thunderstorm during the "My Favorite Things" scene might frighten some very young children, just as it does with the children in the movie. 9+

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