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The Passion of the Christ (2004)

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By his wounds, we were healed.

Feb 25,2004

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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Length: 127 Minute(s)
"The Passion of the Christ" is a film about the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus. Director Mel Gibson received much criticism from critics and audiences for his explicit depiction of and focus on violence and on christs suffering, especially on the part of the jewish community. The films languages are Arabic, Latin and Hebrew and its actors are laymen which was controversially received as well.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Jesus is stripped of his garments, but anyone who's seen a crucifix or knows the Way of the Cross knows what it looks like, and it isn't graphic or sexual. Other crucified men are stripped down the way Jesus is.
violence There are lots and lots of scenes involving Jesus being stabbed, whipped, and beaten. It is even bloodier than any other rendition of the Way of the Cross, and not at all kid-friendly. Jesus is covered in blood from head to toe, and the characters look as if they're really hurting him. Viewers may not help but think that they really are.
profanity 1/10. One mild obscenity (damn), one instance of "Jew" being used as an insult.
alcohol 4/10. People drink wine in several scenes. People appear drunk in a couple of scenes, e.g. one man falls off a chair, while another stumbles and falls to the ground.
frightening It should be noted that the reputation this movie has is fairly blown out of proportion. It is not the most violent and brutal film ever made, as some like to say. Nonetheless, it is extremely gruesome. Don't watch if easily disturbed. The violence is very in your face and unrelenting. They do not pull away for instance when a metal tipped cat-o-nine tails is tearing out chunks off Jesus' back. Clearly shows the thorns piercing his head as the crown is placed on.

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