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After her young child is murdered in a terrible mishap, a lady learns of a custom which will take him back to say farewell, yet when she resists a hallowed cautioning, she disturbs the harmony amongst life and passing.

Mar 04,2016

Hollywood Movies | Horror

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A family lives an ideal presence abroad until an unfortunate mischance takes the life of their young child. The forlorn mother learns of an old custom that will take him back to say a last farewell. She goes to an antiquated sanctuary, where an entryway serves as a baffling gateway between two universes. However, when she resists a consecrated cautioning to never open that entryway, she agitates the harmony amongst life and passing.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A couple passionately kiss, she takes her top off and they kiss. No nudity seen, very brief. Lasts about 10 seconds.
violence The film contains a sequence depicting a child being possessed and an exorcism attempted. The possessed child is implied to kill the family's pet dog before slashing her father in the abdomen where some bloodletting is seen. Following that, she is held down by some shamans for some time, with one of them aiming a knife at her. The scene ends when the spirit leaves the child's body and enters her mother's body.
frightening This is a horror film revolving around a mother who struggles to come to terms with the death of her son . Unable to accept his death, she conducts an ancient ritual to say a final farewell to him. However, she botches the ritual and inadvertently opens the door between the worlds of the living and the dead. There are several jump scenes throughout the film, mostly in the form of sudden appearances of apparitions with mildly disturbing features, such as empty eye sockets or rotten flesh. Aside from these, there are portrayals of an otherworldly figure, which has disjointed limbs and a slightly ghastly appearance. This figure appears occasionally throughout the film, with some close shots of her broken fingers. Official BFCC Rating: Rated 15 for strong supernatural threat, bloody violence Index : General - Suitable for all ages, parental guidance is advised for some content/thematic elements, the strongest of which are in bold.

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