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Seven weapon men in the old west steadily meet up to help a poor town against savage hoodlums.
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A big screen remake of John Sturges' classic western The Magnificent Seven, itself a remake of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. Seven gun men in the old west gradually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Mild references to prostitution. A female character wears several tops that reveal ample cleavage. 1:25:23 - inappropriate comment of, "Well, the lady just did some poking and sticking for you. Maybe you should consider returning the favor, you know?" With a crude hand gesture. 2:02:18 - reference to a characters mother being raped
violence Moderate portrayals of violence with some detail is depicted, but justified by context. The film contains many scenes where the characters engage in gunfights which are typical in western films. Some of the characters engage in close combat with weapons such as knives and axes. Stronger depictions of violence include a scene where it is implied that part of a man's ear has been shot off; a scene where a man slashes his opponent repeatedly; a prolonged battle sequence between the heroes and a hired army where exchanges of gunfire are depicted; a scene of a man being shot by arrows at close range; etc. The scenes are shown in quick cuts, containing little detail of blood and injury, and do not focus on the pain or suffering of the victims. 2:02:35 - reference to a character being hung Faraday gets shot around 5 times in the final battle. he falls off his horse and pretends to ask one of Bogue's men to light his cigar. It turns out to be a stick of dynamite and he, and Bogue's men get blown up
profanity Words may vary by type, region, edition, language or other factors. The words and times below were from the edition I viewed. There were a handful of other words but unless you were listing to it at 100db and only looking for a stray curse word in the background you would never hear them. There were many uses of God, Lord and other religious words but I did not list them if they were not said blasphemously, or said like they were calling on God in a stressful situation or otherwise unintelligible . 04:06 W**** 08:26 H*** 09:54 Son of a B**** 10:44 S*** 12:51 D*** (fairly quiet in the background) 13:42 S*** 13:49 D*** 14:04 H*** 16:32 D*** 17:31 Son of a B**** 18:14 B**** (unintelligible in the background) 19:49 S*** 21:48 G****** 23:14 G****** 25:54 Good L*** 34:08 S*** abbreviated 34:13 H*** 34:20 S*** abbreviated 34:21 D*** 34:24 D*** 34:26 D*** 35:02 D*** fool 36:10 Son of a B**** 39:33 A** 39:59 A** 40:06 L*** 46:42 d***** 53:52 H*** 59:31 D*** 1:03:25 Ba*** 1:04:09 H*** 1:04:12 B**** 1:04:32 Good L*** 1:04:33 H*** 1:04:50 D***** 1:06:09 D*** 1:08:51 H*** 1:08:54 H*** 1:09:09 J**** 1:09:16 P*** 1:09:23 J**** 1:09:32 D*** 1:09:43 D*** 1:10:39 G****** sons of B******* 1:15:56 oh L*** 1:17:18 BullS*** 1:18:59 G** dang 01:20:36 H*** 1:23:31 A** 1:23:47 BullS******* 1:23:56 G****** 1:26:28 By G** 1:29:26 B****** 1:29:47 A** 1:32:59 H*** abbreviated, easily mistaken for he 1:33:05 S*** 1:43:54 B****** 1:45:58 G****** 1:46:14 F*** 1:46:15 D*** 1:48:37 S*** 1:50:25 S*** 1:52:38 H*** 1:52:46 D*** 2:01:47 G**
alcohol Characters are frequently shown smoking to be accurate to the time period. Characters are also shown drinking and while it's slightly implied that one character is an alcoholic, they are not shown to be drunk.
frightening Revolves around a group of seven gunslingers who have gathered to oppose a baron who is threatening the helpless folks of a mining town. Official MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for extended and intense sequences of Western violence, and for historical smoking, some language and suggestive material [for users of the IMDb app who are unable to view MPAA's official certification]

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