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A cooler-than any time in recent memory Bruce Wayne must manage the standard suspects as they plan to govern Gotham City, while finding that he has unintentionally received a young vagrant who wishes to end up plainly his sidekick.

Feb 08,2017

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Action | Animation

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There are huge changes blending in Gotham City, and on the off chance that he needs to spare the city from The Joker's threatening takeover, Batman may need to drop the solitary vigilante thing, attempt to work with others and perhaps, quite possibly, figure out how to help up.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The film contains some instances of mildly-suggestive humor. For example, a character is seen to rip his pants off after he finds it to be too tight. References to Playboy.
violence The film contains some scenes of mild violence that depict Lego characters engaging in combat by throwing punches and kicks at each other as well as some depictions of explosions and property destruction. Overall, the depiction of violence is mild and often humorus.
profanity There are some utterances of very mild language in the film, such as the terms "sucks", "darn" and "butt". When Robin tells Bruce that his name is Richard, but all the kids at the orphanage call him Dick, Bruce responds with, "well, children can be cruel."
frightening Gotham City is said to be built on unstable ground and a bomb is placed that a scientist says could easily destroy the city. The bomb goes off, and the city starts to fall apart, but Batman and others are able to pull Gotham back together.

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