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In post-Civil War Wyoming, bounty hunters try to find shelter during a blizzard but get involved in a plot of betrayal and deception. Will they survive?

Jan 01,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Mystery

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A blizzard forced a bounty hunter, John "The Hangman" Ruth that escorting Daisy "The Prisoner" Domergue, a fugitive and powerful woman that accused for murder- to Red Rock for her judgment; also Marquis "The Bounty Hunter" Warren, and Chris "The Sheriff" Mannix- two another bounty hunters which they just met in their way- to find shelter. They discovered the nearest shelter, a stagecoach passover called "Minnie's Haberdashery", where they met another four strangers- Bob "The Mexican", Oswaldo "The Little Man" Mobray, Joe "The Cow Puncher" Gage, and Sanford "The Confederate" Smithers. All of them have their own background and characteristic- which created an intense situation inside the passover, where their reliance are tested- especially when a plot of betrayal and terrible finesse uncovered between them. Their own ability of survival tested in this dangerous encounter- which possibly change the lives of "The Hateful Eight".


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Movie Parental Guide

nudity About 1 hour 30 minutes into the movie, a main character tells a story of how he makes another man's son walk nude in the snow for 2 hours as a form of torture; explicit nudity is shown (the man's penis and testicles are seen from far; one scene has him crawl on all fours, during which we can see everything from his buttocks, his genitals and his scrotum in closeup). Moments later, It is strongly implied The man who is torturing him suggests the man could receive a blanket if he performs oral sex on him - we briefly see as a flashback this event happening. No explicit nudity. (However it is implied the scene never took place and is all made up.) Strong references to genitals; oral sex
violence As one would expect from a Tarantino film, there is some quite graphic violence: A woman is seen being punched in the face, elbowed in the face and kicked. Two men ingest poison and vomit lots of blood; this lasts for about a full minute. This is extremely exaggerated. Shots are fired with blood spurting out graphically. These shots are exaggerated and almost always done for comedic effect. They are never realistic. A man is shot in his groin (the impact is not seen) all we see is blood on the floor and the man screaming in pain. Later he is seen laying on a bed holding his genitals. A man's head is blown off with guns, graphic but cartoonish, done for comedic effect. Right before the intermission, a man is shot in the back as he tries to leave, however, the gunshot is only heard and no impact wound is seen. A man is shot after a heated situation, blood spurts out Four men enter into a haberdashery and shoot everyone in it. A woman is shot graphically in the face point blank (cartoonish blood spurts), a man gets shot in the chest, two women get shot with graphic results, a man is stabbed in his back repeatedly till he is dead (the shot is someone obscured as the action is quick and we do not see the stabbing close up) and a man gets shot in the face, happens off screen but blood splatters all over the snow on the floor. A man is shot in the back of his head and his brain matter and blood are splattered on the face of a woman. A woman hacks off the arm of a dead man - to whom she is chained - to free herself. Most of the violence in the movie is exaggerated, gunshots cause explosions of blood and heads explode in cartoonish ways. The violence is not realistic at all and is mostly done for comedic effect but still somewhat gory-*
profanity Constant strong language, including racial slurs and constant reference to race and racial bias, violence, etc. Examples of such language include: nigger, darkie and cracker. Other language includes; f--k, and motherf----r; s--t (and its derivatives such as: horses--t); ass; bitch; son of a bitch; whore; damn; goddamn; hell; bastard; nuts; and Jesus Christ, plus several words for penis: (pecker, johnson, dingus, dick, etc.). One instance of the word c--t.
alcohol Pipe smoking throughout. A character rolls tobacco into a cigar. Drinking in a few scenes.
frightening The story about a man's son being tortured and orally raped is told in a very graphic manner with no details left out, the tension builds in that scene until the man's father, (who is hearing the story from another man) is shot dead. a very intense scene. The film constantly has an air of intensity around it and is made to feel very claustrophobic.

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