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Two years after the unhitched male gathering in Las Vegas, Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug plane to Thailand for Stu#39;s wedding. Stu#39;s arrangement for a repressed pre-wedding informal breakfast, be that as it may, goes truly astray.

May 26,2011

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 Stu is getting hitched. Alongside Doug, Phil, and his impending brother by marriage Teddy, he remorsefully welcomes Alan to Thailand for the wedding. Following a tranquil night on the shoreline with a lager and toasting marshmallows by the pit fire, Stu, Alan and Phil wake up in a decrepit flat in Bangkok. Doug is back at the resort, however Teddy is lost, there's a monkey with a separated finger, Alan's head is shaved, Stu has a tattoo all over, and they can't recall any of it. The wolf-pack remember their progressions through strip clubs, tattoo parlors and cocaine-managing monkeys in the city of Bangkok as they attempt and discover Teddy before the wedding.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 10/10 Two men touch a man's penis (we see a small portion of his genitals, while the rest of his body is covered by blankets): one man squeezes the man's penis and licks his hands, and we see a monkey then begin to touch, and then put his mouth on the genitals; the man throws back the blankets and stands up, his underwear pulled down to expose his genitals and bare buttocks and a man gives the nude man a lingering hug (we see the man's bare buttocks as they hug). Women are shown topless. We see still photographs of the following: A transgendered woman with female breasts (her bare breasts are seen) is shown behind another man and it is implied that they are having active sex. A transgendered woman (male genitals are fully visible) with bare female breasts (bare breasts are seen) is shown standing next to a man. A transgendered (male genitals are fully visible) with female breasts (her bare breasts are seen) sits next to another man's shoulder with his genitals close to the man's head. Photographs of two women are seen with their bare breasts visible while sitting beside a man. A man's bare chest is visible and he wears brief-style underwear while sitting next to a woman. A man whips his shirt back and forth and his bare chest is visible. A woman kisses a man passionately. A woman wearing a bra has her legs wrapped around a man's neck as she sits on his shoulders; women wearing torso-bearing tops, dancing suggestively next to men. Two women wearing bikinis (revealing cleavage) posed next to a man; and a woman licking a man's face suggestively. A man dressed as a woman and wearing a robe tells several men that he and one of the men had previously had sex, saying that he had performed a suggestive dance, and then explaining in graphic detail the account of their sexual intercourse, including describing both men climaxing; the man opens his robe to reveal his genitals and that he also has female breasts (he is wearing a cleavage-exposing bra). A man with female breasts walks past several men with his robe open to also expose his genitals (we see his bare breasts). A man is seen wearing brief-style underwear. We see a man's bare chest and back as he strips off his shirt and throws it back and forth during a video that a group of men watch. A small portion a man's bare buttocks are visible as he stands up and his pants hang low. A portion of a man's bare stomach is seen on two occasions when his shirt lifts, including in a photograph of another man writing on his exposed stomach. We see women wearing low-backed dresses and a woman wears a dress that exposes her bare back and is low-cut in the front, exposing her cleavage. Women wear tube-style dresses with a portion of their bare backs visible. On two occasions we see a portion of a man's bare chest when his shirt is unbuttoned and partially open. We briefly see a street scene where the bare chest of a man is visible and the bare back of a man is visible. During a flashback, a man experiences memories of himself and three other men when they were boys, including seeing flashes of himself and the other boys in a strip club, standing next to women, dancing suggestively and revealing cleavage; one boy takes off his shirt and whips it back and forth (his bare chest is visible). On two occasions women are seen wearing torso and cleavage-exposing tops while dancing suggestively on a stage and around poles in a club. A woman leaps into a man's arms and they kiss passionately as the man lifts her up. A man lifts up a woman and kisses her. Men and women are seen kissing on multiple occasions. A man tells several men that a nine-year-old boy has larger genitals than them and instructs the boy to show the men his genitals; the boy reaches for his waistband and the men stop him. It is implied that a man thinks that three other men are trying to purchase a teenage boy for sex: the man offers the men a price for the child, then asks how old they want the boy to be and the men clarify that they are looking for a missing teenage boy. A man places a bottle under an elderly man's robe near his crotch, the man makes a suggestive motion and points out the bottle to two other men, saying that the elderly man has an erection, a monkey then begins to nibble on the bottle and the men laugh, making a crude remark about the monkey performing oral sex. A man reaches into the front of his pants while another man watches, pulls out a pad of paper from his crotch (no nudity is visible) and hands it to the other man, who crudely asks if the man had his genitals on the paper. A man makes a crude joke that two other men should receive a "lap dance" from a waitress. A man makes a crude remark that he had a monkey perform manual sex on him while he watched another man with female breasts and male genitalia have sex with another man. A man makes a crude remark that he will have sex while celebrating another man's wedding. A man is interrupted as he tells a group of people that another man has ejaculated inside him. A man sings a song with crude lyrics concerning his having had anal sex with a man, including mentioning male genitalia. A man tells another man that his soon-to-be wife has a nice chest, the man agrees and they then apologize to the woman's younger brother who is listening to their conversation. A man tells another man that he has a "weakness" for prostitutes. A man tells another man that he is going to open a business where he will offer a "happy ending" (he does not explain what a "happy ending" means). A man jokingly offers to sell a man to another person.
violence 7/10 A man discovers a severed finger floating in a bowl of bloody water and we later see a monkey chewing on the finger. A man discovers that a monkey has been shot; we see a small amount of blood on the monkey's chest. A man shoots another man in the arm, the man drops to the ground, screaming, he stumbles to his feet and we see a small patch of blood on his arm; we later see the man leave a hospital, telling two other men that a bullet had grazed his arm and he only required eight stitches. A man drives a car recklessly through a crowded city street while two men on motorcycles chase him, a passenger hangs out the window of the car trying to pull a monkey into the car, and the two men following on motorcycles fire guns at the car, shattering the rear window and blowing off a mirror, narrowly missing the man hanging out the window; one motorcycle spins off, crashes under a car and the rider is thrown off and to the side of the road, and the second motorcyclist approaches the car and is about to shoot the driver when the driver of the car swerves causing the motorcyclist to wreck. A man on the back of a motorcycle smashes into the shoulder of a man; the man spins around from the impact and holds his shoulder in pain. A man fires an automatic weapon into the air in a club; the shots are heard as glass shatters and women dancing on stage cover their heads (no one appears injured). A man drives a boat through the water at high speeds, and he then steers onto land, as people shout and run for cover; no one is injured as the man parks the boat next to a crowd of people in a yard and the man later apologize. A man leaves an injured monkey (we previously see a small bloody wound on the monkey's chest) at the door of what is presumably a veterinary hospital, as the monkey cries. A helicopter appears over the edge of a building, and we see a man hanging out of it, with a machine gun pointed at another man on the roof of the building; several men hold up guns as the man shouts and is handcuffed (the man struggles against the handcuffs as he is dragged away). A man panics and screams while another man cries and a third man shouts that the three of them must hide the body of a man they presume is dead (we see a man's body slumped on a coffee table, but later learn the man is unharmed); the man shouts at the other two men, saying they will end up in a "Thai prison" if they do not hide the man's body. A man tells three other men that they had kidnapped an elderly man; the men respond that they are returning the man, after finding him in the "drunk tank."
profanity 5/10 102 F-words and its derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 19 sexual references, 18 scatological terms, 23 anatomical terms, 14 mild obscenities,
alcohol 6/10 Men are seen drinking liquor and beer in excess, men appear drunk and they do not remember theirs actions. We see cigarette butts littering a room, and a man is seen smoking a pipe. A monkey is seen dealing drugs and also seen smoking. Lots of alcohol at a party. Being drunk and not remembering anything is a big part of this movie, like the first movie.
frightening 5/10 The monkey getting shot might upset animal lovers This movie is much harsher than the first one. Suggest MPAA rating: NC-17 for strong graphic sexual content and pervasive language. 17+

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