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A gathering of understudy activists goes to the Amazon to spare the downpour woodland and soon find that they are not the only one, and that horrible deed goes unpunished.

Sep 25,2015

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Horror

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In New York, the college student Justine joins a group of activists led by Alejandro and he invites her to travel to Peru to protest against a timber industry that is destroying the Amazon rain forest. The group uses their cellphones to film the destruction and send the footages through Internet. Alejandro uses Justine that is almost killed by one security guard to succeed in his intent of calling attention of audiences. When the group is returning to civilization, the plane blows-up and crashes into the forest. Soon the survivors discover that they are not alone and they are abduct by a tribe of Indians. But their nightmare becomes worse when they realize that the Indians are cannibals.


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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There are a couple of shots of the upper half of a man's penis as he urinates off-camera. The scene is comedic. Some discussion about female genital mutilation. A tribeswoman inserts a wooden claw-shaped tool into three young women's vaginas off-screen. This is not a tortuous act, but one to test their virginity. The third woman is chosen for the ritual and we see blood running down her legs. No nudity is shown It is implied a woman is raped by tribesmen after she is knocked out and dragged into a hut by a couple of tribesmen while wearing only her bra and panties. When they put her back in the cage she says that she doesn't know what happened. A young woman is being prepared for a ritual and is bound to two posts while completely naked. Nudity is hidden although we briefly see her nipples as she struggles. A man masturbates. We can see his hand moving off-screen. Another character chokes him out of anger and the man continues to masturbate. This scene is brief and is played for humor.
violence A plane strikes turbulence and a man drinking an alcoholic beverage in bottle form has the bottle cut an unseen portion of inside his mouth, blood rushes out and covers the bottom half of his face. Two pilot men are killed during the plane crash, one has the propeller planes of the small plane rip through the windscreen and obliterate his head. The other man is impaled through the chest by a tree branch which rips through the windscreen. The bodies of several other crash casualties are discovered in gruesome states. The body of a man is found near the wreckage with his stomach ripped through his chest and exposed. A dead woman with a bloodied, scratched face appears within the wreckage as another woman surpasses her. The survivors of the plane crash emerge with various cuts, bruises and scratches from the jet: A man has a small cut on the right side of his lip, specks of blood upon his face, a woman has a broken nose which is bearing quite a large portion of running blood, her left arm is also badly cut and bleeding, A man has three deep scratches upon his right cheek which are running with blood, a dazed man has two light scratches with blood and bruising on his right temple, A woman has a deep cut on the right side of her forehead which is running with blood, A man has a few small bloody scratches on his cheek as well as bruising, A man has a few minor scratches on his left cheek with little trickles of blood and a woman has two minor, bloody scratches on her face; her bottom right lip and above her right eyebrow. A woman spiraled out of the plane and into a tree, all bloody with scratches and cuts spanning from her face to arms and torso, believed to be dead suddenly falls from the tree and dies upon impact with the ground. A disorientated man stumbles into the path of the still partially spinning plane propeller and he is instantly side sliced across the right side of the head, killing him instantly. A woman is killed as an arrow is shot through her neck, she dies slowly convulsing on her own blood in the arms of another man, she is finished with an arrow to the forehead which kills her instantly, brief spout of blood and shot of bloody wound with arrow still embedded is shown. Several people are shot with tranquilizer darts which render them unconscious, the darts themselves are shot with such velocity that the insertion points become bloody stab marks. Several people are ushered towards a village after being sailed from a plane wreckage to a shore line with a bamboo styled thicket stair side arches, which are littered with bloody skeletal remains, one with his it's mouth crudely impaled by a thicket, other sections of the thin arch pillars littered with skin bearing, decapitated human heads, one seen as decomposing. A woman has strands of her hair crudely pulled and cut from her head, strands of blood from the act are later seen as her and others are forced into a pig and piglet cage. A man is held down on a rock table and has both his eyes cut out with a sharp instrument, his mouth is held open and his tongue is severed. Both his eyes and tongue as they are cut out are eaten. With the same sharp instrument his head is slowly cut off and his arms and legs are hacked off by another individual. His severed limbs and torso are then roasted and eaten. Lots of blood and running yellow viscous fluid as his eyes are cut out. Gore with the limbs and head are hacked off. The headless, armless and legless corpse of a male victim has portions of flesh slowly cut off with a sharp instrument, his cooked legs are later all flesh cut in the same fashion, only with cauterized affect. The decapitated, eyeless and tongueless head of a male victim is washed over in oil with a fruit/and or vegetable in his gaping mouth before cannibal women proceed to chisel down the exposed spinal bone protruding from his severed head's neck stump. The cooked meat and skin of a male victim is chewed upon by the cannibal tribes people, stemming from the children to the women, bald headhunter, basic hunter gatherer men and female elder. The internal spleen lining of a male victim is finely chopped up by several cannibal tribes people and slightly cooked by fire before being fed to fully grown pigs. Three women have a rock like instrument forcefully inserted into their vaginas (the sequence of which occurs off-screen, but the noises of insertion and screams are heard, as well the movement of the tribal leader committing the insertion act). One of the women begins bleeding down her legs from the forced insertion. A woman is killed off-screen after escaping via a canoe. Her entrails and skin are later seen being eaten by the captives which one of the two remaining women realize it is her in portions as one woman notices one of her tattoos (skin) on the bottom of her bowl. A revealed dead, tattooed woman's skin with her various former tattoos are seen being mockingly worn by the cannibal tribe children over their own skin, bellies and arms. A woman slits her throat open and blood squirts and flows out. Later, a plastic bag of cannabis is shoved into her mouth and further forced down with a ragged stick, the effect of which pushes the cannabis bag down into her throat region causing more copious amounts of blood to rush out. A woman's corpse is violently hacked away by a large weapon, the damage of which is not seen as it is occurring but her headless, armless and legless torso is seen being cooked in a hothouse, oven hut and brought back to have portions of flesh extracted by sharp instruments. A woman's slightly cooked, headless, armless and legless torso with a large right side portion of skin missing exposing rib cage is sawed into by cannibal women with sharp instruments. The amputated, blood drenched arm of a female victim is smacked back and forth by the Bald Headhunter tribes male whilst intoxicated under the affect of cooked cannabis. A man is stabbed in the side of the neck with a tranquilizer dart by another captive whilst trying to escape. Upon awakening he has two tribal men advance him to bite at his fingers however instead reaching his elbows, biting large portions of skin from his right elbow, the man after running away bleeding profusely is circled by villagers and has one bite in the left side of his throat, ripping a thin portion of which from him. Several others lean down as he falls to the ground biting into his arms and chest, several of his intestines are pulled from his chest and hoisted up bloodily. A villager child then runs from the devouring crowd hoisting an amputated, bloody leg of his. A man and woman discover the victims of the early crash along with the woman and man killed during the early aftermath abduction anally impaled on thin bamboo pillars near the plane wreckage, their bloody wounds still completely visible, a female victim hoisted on the highest pillar who was the first overall victim of the attacking cannibal tribe is accidentally ushered off her pillar by another woman and falls down upon her, her forehead hole wound and throat hole wounds pouring more blood as she lands upon her. The decapitated head of an asian developer male is brought by a child villager before the rest of the tribe, the head is saturated in blood and dangling strands of torn flesh from the throat stump. A woman releases herself of bindings and after blowing smoke at a tribal woman grabs a hold of tribal nose piercing, a large bone piece which upon violent extraction creates a small geyser of blood, the face mutilated tribal woman is then kicked by the escaping woman and rendered unconscious. A man has his legs and arms smashed at by a large instrument. Whilst tied to a pole, he's then covered in fire ants which begin to viciously bite at him, leaving bloody marks, wide small cuts and a swollen right eye. He's then mercy killed with a slit throat from a villager child's knife, killing him almost instantly, trickles of his blood from the slit throat pour down upon his clothing. Several cannibal tribes people are gunned down in quick fashion by developer men, one casuality a bald headhunter littered with bloody bullet wounds latches upon an escaped female captive in his final pain filled moments. An end dream sequence oversees a left for dead man come before a woman and her revealing herself to have sharpened, small ragged teeth supported by large gums which she then uses to suddenly bite at the man's throat.
profanity Brief uses of profanity
alcohol Several characters drink throughout the film: alcoholic beverages stemming from wine to beer and to spirits. A nervous woman takes anxiety medication concerning her fear of small planes and small spaces. A male character acquires cannabis from a Peruvian liasion during the save the Amazon trip. A male character throughout smokes cannabis joints up until the plane crash. After lacing the corpse of a dead female friend with a bag of cannabis the antagonist cannibal tribe proceed to cook her with the THC and become highly intoxicated as a result of cannibalizing her mutilated, cooked corpse.
frightening The theme taking place in the tribes of cannibals can be pretty disturbing to most viewers. Official ratings are below, all else including scores are opinions and against the rules (above).

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