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Secondary school life gets considerably more horrendous for Nadine when her closest companion, Krista, begins dating her more seasoned sibling.

Nov 18,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

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Everybody realizes that growing up is hard, and life is no less demanding for secondary school junior Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld), who is now at pinnacle ponderousness when her elite player more seasoned sibling Darian (Blake Jenner) begins dating her closest companion Krista (Haley Lu Richardson). At the same time, Nadine feels more alone than any time in recent memory, until the sudden kinship of a mindful kid (Hayden Szeto) gives her a hint of something better over the horizon that things might conceivably not be so shocking all things considered.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 A character walks in on a dressed couple in bed, we see the female in the bed have her hands under the covers with the blanket moving up and down, to imply the male is getting a handjob. They stop after realizing there's someone who walked in on them. A girl of high school age sends a text to a classmate she admires offering sexual favors. In a later scene she and the classmate are seen kissing and starting to get intimate but she has doubts and backs out. Crude sexual dialogue throughout.
violence 2/10 A man dies from an heart attack while driving a car, which crashes into another parked car. A teen talks about killing herself. This is mostly played for laughs but can be seen as triggering.
profanity 10/10 Constant use of R-rated language, this includes: F**k, shit, dick, hell, damn, bitch, etc.
alcohol 5/10 Some teen drinking, one teen drinks so hard she gets sick.
frightening 6/10 Some dramatic scenes and dark comedy are throughout the film, with themes of grief and self-loathing. The film opens with the lead character declaring that she's ready to commit suicide, but she doesn't follow through. The lead character finds herself about to get intimate with another classmate, but panics and stops the encounter before anything occurs. FINAL SCORE: 30/40. Much of the explicit material stems from the explicit dialogue, which accurately represents how high schoolers talk with one another. While it deals with somewhat explicit material, this film has been praised for being a unique coming-of-age film, with comparisons to The Breakfast Club.

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