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Life isn#39;t measured in minutes, but in moments.
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Tells the story of Benjamin Button, a man who starts aging backwards with bizarre consequences.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 3/10 Benjamin, on his first voyage with Captain Mike, goes to a brothel. We see several prostitutes standing around in lingerie, staring down at Benjamin and other men. Its implied he becomes a regular at the brothel. In Russia, Benjamin begins an adulterous relationship with a married woman. We see them talk late at night having tea. They are both in nightgowns, kissing at her door and going inside (sex implied). Daisy's ballet show consists of dancers in revealing, tight costumes, dancing sensually. When Benjamin goes to talk with Daisy after her dance performance, you can see a man without trousers speak to another woman. You can briefly see his genitals. Benjamin and Daisy begin a passionate relationship that lasts for many years, although they never marry. They are seen kissing and lowering onto a bed.
violence 6/10 A woman's bedsheets are bloody after delivering a child and it is said that she dies. Death is a common theme of the movie and it is implied that old people die regularly in an old age home. Captain Mike's tugboat comes under fire during WWII. We see dead bodies float in the water, and the tugboat violently crashes into the ship. We see Mike with several bloody bullet holes through his torso Daisy falls down a flight of stairs while pregnant, and we see blood near her open legs. She is hit by a car years earlier, and we see her lying motionless in the street, and we see her bruised body in a hospital (she doesn't die) A man talks about being struck by lightning 7 times. In a humorous way, we see each strike.
profanity 5/10 Two uses of "fuck" (one said by a child), five uses of "shit", and some lighter profanity (such as "dick"). There's also a slur aimed at people of Japanese descent.
alcohol A woman is seen smoking in a restaurant. A woman is seen smoking in a hospital. Various alcoholic references. Benjamin gets drunk and vomits all over the floor
frightening Death is a big part of the movie. There is a brief war scene that is very intense and results with the death of many sailors. One character is hit by a car. When the hurricane in the end gets really bad and may upset some viewers. A main character as a baby dies on screen (just closes eyes). This could upset younger audiences.

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