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Mar 17,2017

Hollywood Movies | Action | Thriller | Horror | Sci-Fi

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In a twisted social experiment, a group of 80 Americans are locked in their high-rise corporate office in Bogotá, Colombia and ordered by an unknown voice coming from the company's intercom system to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No nudity is shown.
violence Pervasive bloody violence and gore throughout the film. Numerous characters have their heads exploded from the inside out by remotely detonated trackers. Blood splatters and their open head wounds are visible. A man cuts into the back of his own head with a box cutter to try to remove the tracker. The wound bleeds all over his shirt. A room full of people are forced to line up in front of a wall and a man begins shooting them one by one, execution style. A man traps several people in a room and stabs them all to death with a meat cleaver. Very bloody and brutal. A woman kills a man by hacking into his head with an axe. Lots of blood and several shots of his mutilated face. A man has part of his skull caved in by a wrench. The disturbing wound is very visible. He stands in a daze for a moment before falling down dead. A woman kicks off from a wall while fighting an attacker on her back. The attacker's head is impaled on three protruding nails and he falls over dead. A man is crushed by an elevator. We hear his bones crunching and his body twitches violently before death. A man twists a woman's head around, breaking her neck instantly. A woman slashes a man's leg and hand with a paper slicer she uses like a machete. A man is stabbed in the abdomen and left to bleed out in a stairwell. A woman is instantly shot in the forehead after an elevator door opens. A woman burns to death after a Molotov cocktail explodes at her feet. Two men are shot to death while trying to kill another man. A man is shot in the chest three times, dying instantly. A woman slowly bleeds out after being shot in the chest. Several characters are shot to death, either after being targeted or hit by happenstance. A man is shot in the hand and the wound is visible for the rest of the film. An anxious man tries to rinse blood out of his hair after a woman is brutally killed in front of him. A woman helps a man stitch a wound in his head. Corpses are seen on the floor in many shots. The final two men alive fight to the death with their fists and various weapons until one is finally bludgeoned to death with a tape dispenser. Mike hides explosives in the pockets of everyone he meets after "winning" the game. The explosions kill several people. He shoots and kills everyone who does not die instantly.
profanity Strong language is present in the entire film, including terms like "fuck" and "shit".
alcohol A man smokes a joint and blows the smoke into a vent to hide it. Later, he shares a joint with two other characters. At least one character is high for the entirety of the film. Lots of burnt out cigarettes are visible in a woman's car.
frightening Several killings happen out of the blue to intentionally take the audience by surprise. Characters' heads explode from the inside out with little to no warning.

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