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A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her sons fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.

Nov 28,2014

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Horror

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A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her sons fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 4/10 A woman takes off her panties and briefly uses a vibrator in her bed under covers, but is interrupted quickly by a child. Only the woman's head is visible throughout the entire sequence, and sound is low. The scene can be unsettling due to its realistic setting. It's non-explicit but may be unsettling. This scene is interwoven with scenes of the child getting out of bed. A commercial of a prostitute is shown briefly in TV. A woman watches a couple kissing in a car in an old movie.
violence 7/10 A young boy makes homemade weapons including a dart gun and baseball launcher to use in defense against an imaginary monster. He brings some of these weapons to school. A young boy proclaims loudly that he is going to "Smash (the monster's) head in". A young boy pushes a young girl out of a tree house. She is not seen hitting the ground, but she is seen on the ground crying with visible blood around her nose. Her mother later states that her nose was broken in two places. A pop-up children's book is read to a young child, which includes thinly veiled violent threats. The child is severely disturbed. A pop-up children's book appears a second time, this time depicting a woman graphically snapping her dog's neck, strangling her child and slitting her own throat in addition to the previous material. A young boy yells at his mother "Do you want to die?". A woman is drinking soup when she bites down on a piece of glass. There is blood on the glass when she removes it from her mouth. When she ladles through her soup bowl, several other pieces of glass are found. A woman crashes her car into an oncoming vehicle while suffering a panic attack. Her young child is in the car with her. No one is injured, but she drives away from the scene. A monster-like figure drops onto a woman twice. We see the woman scream, but the impact is not seen. A woman dreams that she sees her young son dead. Blood is over his shirt and face. A woman threatens a young boy with a large kitchen knife. A woman snaps her pet dog's neck and it is killed. The dog is seen struggling and whining for several moments, but most takes place offscreen. The dog's body is seen being thrown on the ground, but nothing bloody or graphic is seen. A small boy later enters the room and sees the dead dog. This scene may upset viewers or animal lovers. A woman pulls a tooth from her mouth. She yanks at it for several seconds and crunching noises are heard. There is blood shown after it comes loose. A boy shoots a woman in the arm with a dart gun, hits her in the head with a baseball and trips her with a tripwire as she is walking down a flight of stairs, causing her to hit her head on an overhang and stumble down the remainder of the stairs. No blood is seen. A young boy stabs a woman in the leg with a large kitchen knife. Minimal blood is seen. A woman strangles a young boy violently. Close-ups of his face are seen. In an hallucination, dream sequence, a man's head is split horizontally and the top half falls away from the bottom. This is not done in a realistic or particularly violent way. The man falls to the floor and his brain is seen inside his skull. Again, this is not particularly violent or realistic. It is silent and no blood is seen, the image is horrific but dreamlike. A woman vomits copious amounts of a black, blood-like substance. A young boy is seen dragged up the stairs and thrown against the wall twice by an unseen entity.
profanity 6/10 2 uses of fuck 2 uses of shit 1 use of bitch 1 use of damn Around 3 uses of bloody 1 use of "little pig"
alcohol 1/10 A mother gives her child a sedative.
frightening 10/10 The film is brave enough to leave out jump scares, so don't be expecting a jumpy film. A boy suffers a seizure whilst yelling at an invisible monster. He thrashes and convulses onscreen for several seconds. He also suffers a similar attack in his home, yelling "Don't let it in!" loudly and repeatedly while seeming to suffer extreme shock. The pop-up children's book featured in the film is graphic and can be quite intense when it is being read or viewed. There are several intense scenes featuring a monster that is often shadowed and appears suddenly. The sound the monster makes is also incredibly scary. These scenes can be extremely frightening. The themes of this film are very intense. A very young boy is put in several frightening situations and some may find this quite confronting. Definite trigger warnings for anyone who had a violent or abusive relationship with parents, especially those who were threatened or assaulted by a parent. BBFC - (15): strong supernatural threat, bloody images. Recommended Rating: R for disturbing images and violent content, terror, some language, and brief sexuality - involving children and animals

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