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Saving the World in Style.

Aug 13,1998

Hollywood Movies | Thriller

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Length: 89 Minute(s)
British Ministry agent John Steed, under direction from "Mother", investigates a diabolical plot by arch-villain Sir August de Wynter to rule the world with his weather control machine. Steed investigates the beautiful Doctor Mrs. Emma Peel, the only suspect, but simultaneously falls for her and joins forces with her to combat Sir August.
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Movie Parental Guide

violence there is no gore in the film but there is alot of fighting, especially towards the end of the film and in the opening scene.
profanity (1:15:29) Eddie Izzard's character says, "Oh, f***."
alcohol there is no alcohol or drugs references in the film but Jim Broadbents character smokes heavily in every scene he is in.
frightening there is only one scene in the film and this is when Uma Thurman is locked in Sean Connerys castle and sweats and runs around trying to find a way out.

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