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A mystery government organization enrolls a gathering of detained supervillains to execute risky dark operations missions in return for mercy, which definitely prompts disarray.

Aug 05,2016

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime | Fantasy

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It feels great to be bad...Assemble a group of the world's most hazardous, detained Super Villains, give them the most capable armory at the administration's transfer, and send them off set for thrashing a baffling, insuperable element. U.S. knowledge officer Amanda Waller has decided just a subtly gathered gathering of divergent, awful people with by nothing to lose will do. Be that as it may, once they understand they weren't picked to succeed yet decided for their patent culpability when they definitely come up short, will the Suicide Squad resolve to kick the bucket attempting, or choose it's each man for himself?

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity One scene takes place in a strip club, where strippers are briefly seen in the background. Harley Quinn gives a lap dance to a man. Harley Quinn is seen dancing with a half naked girl; and they seem to kiss intimately. Several scenes of men and women kissing each other romantically. One woman is seen dressing in her bra. The Joker makes a few sexual references about Harley Quinn's breasts. At the beginning of the film, Deadshot is shown boxing nude. We briefly see his bare buttocks in dark lighting
violence The film contains numerous scenes of action-violence mostly involving gun firing and hand-to-hand combat. Some of the stronger sequences include one where an alien's body is sliced into half and another where a humanoid alien's hand is severed by a sword, but is quickly regenerated. There is also a scene depicting a character conjuring a ring of fire that engulfs a group of brawling prisoners. A supervisor coldly shoots four subordinates in the head to abet in their cover-up. One character who disobeys order has their head blown off by an internal explosive device. Ships and secret bases are seen being destroyed. All the members of the Suicide Squad are seen being injected with tracking chips. Harley Quinn gets electrocuted and tortured by the Joker.
profanity The film does contain some brief utterance of the expletive "f**k", it can be heard briefly on some songs such as "Gangsta", "Sucker for Pain" and other as well, along with various uses of "damn", "dickhead," "bitch," "freaking" and "son of a bitch". 'Sh*t' is said about 50 times. The Joker refers to Harley Quinn as "the fire in my loins, the itch in my crotch." "Pussy" is used several times.
alcohol Numerous characters are seen drinking, from hard alcohol to red wine. One character asks another to light a cigarette.
frightening Some scenes of prison torture of inmates. One character is possessed by a witch and many of the scenes where the character is invoked are frightening. Some characters are transformed from humans to faceless, zombie-like creatures. Several men attempt to assist a man who has had an attack. The man turns on his helpers and consumes them. The nature of the Joker can be quite dark and unsettling, every time he is on screen he displays disturbing behavior such as laying in the middle of knives and guns while laughing, and laughing while firing a machine gun. 'Suicide Squad' can be an intense film in it's first half, with scenes of characters being tortured, electrocuted, beaten up, etc. In the 2nd half, the film is a generic action movie.

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