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A secretive message from Bond#39;s past sends him on a trail to reveal an evil association. While M fights political strengths to keep the mystery administration alive, Bond peels back the layers of misleading to uncover the unpleasant truth behind Specter.
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An enigmatic message from the past sends James Bond on a maverick mission to Mexico City and inevitably Rome, where he meets Lucia, the wonderful and prohibited dowager of a notorious criminal. Security penetrates a mystery meeting and reveals the presence of the vile association known as Specter. In the interim back in London, Max Denbigh, the new leader of the Center of National Security, inquiries Bond's activities and difficulties the significance of MI6 drove by M. Security clandestinely enrolls Moneypenny and Q to offer him some assistance with seeking out Madeleine Swann, the little girl of his old enemy Mr White, who may hold the piece of information to unwinding the web of Specter. As the girl of the professional killer, she comprehends Bond in a way most others can't. As Bond endeavors towards the heart of Specter, he takes in a chilling association in the middle of himself and the foe he looks for.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity After a fight a man and woman start making out and begin to take off their clothes but nothing else is shown For the uninformed: The opening in this film. sequence has silhouettes of women in leotards (not nude) touching and kissing James Bond while he has a bare chest.
violence During an explicit torture scene, a man operating a machine via computer lowers a robot arm equipped with a drill bit to Bond, who is tied down on a table. The scene is about 2 minutes long, and we see Bond scream in agony as the drill bit enters his temple for 30 seconds, drilling in with a buzzing sound. Blood drips down as it is pulled out, and we see the bloody hole. This is repeated with his neck. The torture only stops when the man's female companions is secretly given a gadget watch, which is also works as a small bomb for her to attack the torturer. A man bangs someone's head on a table before gouging his eyes out with his thumbs until we see blood on his thumbs and the eyeless man slumps over. We briefly see his bloody sockets. A woman pricks someone with a syringe. There is a brutal fight aboard a train. Bond strangles someone. A character loses an eye in an explosion. A helicopter crashes into several cars, killing/injuring some of the people involved. In the opening scene an explosion and gunfire from Bond kills several people, and during a fight aboard a helicopter Bond kills two men by kicking them out at high altitude.
profanity 3 scatalogicals, 1 asshole, 3 uses of hell, 1 use of jesus christ, 1 use of prick, 1 use of bastard, 1 use of god, 1 use of bloody, 1 innuendo regarding female anatomy
alcohol There are several scenes where Bond is seen drinking. Bond asks for a Vodka Martini at a bar in a health clinic, but is told alcohol is not served. Madeleine is also drunk during a scene. Alcohol is a common theme, as with all Bond movies.
frightening Torture and fight scenes Luckily for everybody IMDB includes the OFFICIAL ratings below, so (following the rules also included above) no need for people to repeat the below info here, [or worse break the rules and] add their own opinion rating.

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