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In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen.

Jun 01,2012

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Adventure

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Length: 117 Minute(s)
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Snow White, imprisoned daughter of the late king, escapes just as the Magic Mirror declares her the source of the Evil Queen's immortality. The Queen sends her men, led by a local huntsman, to bring her back. But upon her capture, the huntsman finds he's being played and turns against the Queen's men, saving Snow White in the process. Meanwhile, Snow's childhood friend, William, learns that she is alive and sets off to save her.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 3/10 A husband briefly kisses a woman in their bed. A women cleavage is shown a couple of times. A women shown nude from behind, above the Rear end. A women shown nude upfront covered in dye and breast are covered with hands
violence 7/10 A husband climbs on top of his wife in bed and he begins to cough and gag, he rolls over and we see dark veins appear on his face, and the woman straddles him and stabs him in the chest (we see blood on the dead man's chest and the knife sticking out of the wound). Two men fight with punching and kicking, one man stabs the other in the stomach (we see the bloody blade) and they continue to fight until one man is impaled on a tree stump (we see several pointed pieces sticking out of his chest and his face ages and becomes covered with dark veins). A woman pushes her hand against the chest of a young man, we see him wince and we hear a loud heartbeat until he falls to the floor, presumably dead. A young man stabs a woman in the abdomen, she flinches and moans, and then removes the knife. A young woman gashes a man in the face with a nail and we see a bloody cut from his eyebrow to his chin. A woman is stabbed in the stomach, and blood drips from the wound as she moans and gasps and she dies. A man grabs a young woman, she screams and fights to free herself and another man stabs the first man in the back (no blood is shown). Flaming arrows are shot into a village occupied by women and children and their shelters burst into flames; the women and children run for boats moored nearby and escape, and we see several men struck with arrows or a swung ax (no blood is evident). A man shoots an arrow at another man who catches the arrow and shoots two more back at the first man (we see him fall off his horse and onto the ground with the two arrows sticking out of his chest; no blood is visible). Two men fight with a man with swords and arrows and one man is struck in the back with an axe. A man is struck in the back by an arrow; he falls to the ground and moans (we see the arrow sticking out of his chest and there is blood visible) until he dies. Several armed men shoot arrows at a passing carriage protected by guards; the arrows strike the ground causing fires to erupt and they strike the guards until they are all fallen. A large army of people on horseback charge toward a kingdom: flaming boulders are launched toward them and several are thrown from their horses, bowmen fire arrows at them and several are struck and fall to the ground (including their horses), and when they reach the structure boiling oil is poured on them and set aflame; they enter the structure and fight with swords and we hear crunching and slashing. A large army of heavily armored fighters storm into a kingdom and fight with people inside; we see sword slashing, arrows being shot (one man is shot in the back and falls off his horse to the ground) and people (including children) being taken away. Two armies fight with swords and we see slashing and hear yelling and clanging; when the men of one army are struck they shatter like glass into small fragments and we see many of the dead on the battlefield when the fight ends. Many people lie dead on the ground surrounding a woman. Many blade-like shards fall from a ceiling and several men are struck and killed; the blades then swirl around and take the form of beings that attack the remaining men and kill several others (we see one man run through and carried up a wall and no blood is visible). A young woman bites into an apple, and she chokes and writhes on the ground until she lies still (presumably dead) and we see the apple grow hairy and black. A woman lifts a young woman into the air by the throat, opens her mouth and inhales a mist from the young woman's mouth as the young woman ages instantly; we see her with thick veins on her face. A woman stands in flames and we see her flesh bubble and blister (she does not appear to be fazed). A young woman with a sword lunges toward a woman who hits her and the young woman is thrown (we see blood in her mouth). A man is thrown out of what seems to be a bar by another man and he appears to be drunk, and the two men fight; one man is struck in the head and we see a bloody wound, and one man is kicked in the chest by a horse and he is thrown backward. Several men pounce on and punch another man repeatedly; the man and a young woman are then strung up by their feet and the man is struck several times while he hangs upside down. A woman hits a man in the face twice, he falls to the floor and she berates him. A young woman hits a man in the face. A woman yells at a man and several guards hold him at spear point. A man grabs a young woman and places his hand over her mouth, she pulls a knife from his belt and threatens him, and he pulls away. A man holds an axe blade to a young woman's throat. Several women in boats and with bows and arrows approach and question a man and a young woman (there is no fight). What looks like a white deer is shot in the side with an arrow, it rears up and wails and then bursts into many butterflies that scatter. A woman with a metal piece on the tip of her finger (like a claw) uses it to dig the heart out of the chest of a dead bird (we see the bloody heart and the bloody, open chest) and eats it. Many animal bones and skulls are seen strewn on the ground. Two fairies pop out of the chests of two birds (no blood). A huge troll with large horns and pointed teeth roars and chases a man and a young woman; the man is thrown and knocked unconscious and the troll faces the young woman, who screams at it and it roars back (the young woman is not harmed). Several people gather around a pyre as a dead man's body burns (we see the man's feet and the top of his head engulfed in flames). A young woman (presumably dead) is carried on a stretcher through a village and placed on a bed of furs. A man transforms into a woman and she raises a knife over a young woman lying on the ground; several men approach from behind her and the woman turns into many black birds that fly away. A young woman runs through a dark forest while being chased by guards, she is frightened by eerie sounds, she trips and falls on a spore that sprays a dust into the air and she hallucinates: she sees the trees coming to life, she sees dark figures moving around her, she sees many dead birds with wriggling maggots on them, and she sees huge beetles skittering and bats flying around her until she falls unconscious on the ground. A man is thrown into a pit and a mist that acts as a hallucinogen overcomes him; the man screams and sees the flesh on his hand melting. A young woman walking through a dark forest finds herself surrounded by slithering snakes and one spits at her (they appear to be imagined because they disappear when a man breaks off a tree branch in front of her). Many black birds slam onto a floor and flap around as if they are injured; the spot where they landed turns into a pool of black liquid and a woman slithers out from it covered with the black liquid. A mirror pours like quicksilver onto a floor and takes the form of a shrouded being as it speaks in a deep voice to a woman in a few scenes. We see a woman casting a spell on a young girl as a young boy watches. Guards chase a young woman, she slides into a narrow tunnel opening and slides down into a sewer drain; she walks through the filth and out an opening high over crashing waves and she jumps (she is OK). A young woman on horseback is chased by guards through a dark forest until her horse becomes stranded in mud (we hear it whinnying and see it struggling to free itself) and she continues to run on foot. We see a bloody wound on a man's chest and a woman smears a green paste on the wound (the man winces). Three drops of blood fall from a woman's finger and splatter on snow. An apple on the ground decays very quickly and we see the ground around it die and go black as a voiceover talks about the land dying. A man chews up something that he picks up off the forest floor, spits it into his hand and puts it on a chest wound (we do not see the wound, but we see him spit). Several women and young a young girl have self-inflicted scars on their faces. A woman writhes on the ground and gasps. Several men wade through a sewer and complain about the smell. Many large black birds swirl around a woman. A woman is shown chained and shackled inside a carriage. We see a young woman held captive in a cell; she is dirty and her face is smudged with dirt. We see a young woman held captive in a cell and she has aged beyond her years. A girl carries a bird in her hands, her mother says, "It must have broken its wing" and the girl says, "I will care for it." A woman talks about bringing a man's wife back from the dead. A man teaches a young woman how to kill with a knife and tells her "Don't pull it out until you see their soul." A young woman is pushed into a cell in a tower and she says, "All the girls in my village were taken." We hear that a young girl is imprisoned in a tower cell for many years. A man talks about the death of his wife and the grief he suffered. A character says, "She is certainly dead." A man asks "Do you want me to be dead with the crows picking at my eyes?" A man's voice tells a woman "She can destroy you." A man says, "She cannot be killed." A man talks about a "harsh winter." A man asks, "What devil spawned this army?" as men ride into battle. A man says, "I don't like killing girls." A man says let's "chop 'em up and feed 'em to the wolves." Men talk about returning to their village and "everything and everyone was gone." A man tells another man that "She screamed your name but you weren't there." A young woman says, "I can kill her." Unusual creatures are seen in a magical forest: mushrooms with large blinking eyes, snakes with green fur, many butterflies and fairies.
profanity 4/10 2 mild scatological terms, 1 mild anatomical term, 3 mild obscenities. Name-calling (devil, phantom army, fool, drunkard, trouble, ugly mug, lying dangler), exclamations (shut up, blasted).
alcohol 4/10 A woman gives a man a poison in the wine that he drinks (we don't see him drink but we see him spill his goblet). A man is thrown out of what seems to be a bar by another man and he appears to be drunk. A man drinks what is implied to be alcohol from a mug. A man drinks what is implied to be alcohol from a leather bladder. Men drink from goblets and appear drunk.
frightening 7/10 Snow White and the Huntsman isn't the sweet and colorful fairy tale that's depicted in other adaptations: This is a very dark, violent, moody story with a lot of death and mature themes. Charlize Theron's queen is more than evil; she's sadistic and vain and will kill or torture anyone in order to keep her magically eternal youth and beauty (a scene in which she plucks a bloody birds heart out of its body and eats is particularly gruesome). The body count is quite high -- usually in hand-to-hand battles -- as is the number of people the queen magically robs of their youth (or life) The dark forest scene can be very frightening. The mirror may appear intense and grave for some. Total: 25/50

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