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A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal.

Sep 02,2016

Hollywood Movies | Crime | Thriller | Chinese

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A criminologist from Hong Kong collaborates with an American card shark to fight against a famous Chinese criminal.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Very little sexual context in the film, the following may be of consideration for some people. A handful of women wear tight clothing that reveals cleavage. During the opening sequences, buildings are torn down, which reveals a man in the shower, seen briefly from behind. A woman tries to fit through a narrow space during a fight in a factory, at which time she is asked what bra size she wears, to which she says proudly "Double D!" While ziplining across a chasm, one man grabs another by his groin, and it is remarked that it is too small, but the only thing to hang on to. Two men strip to their boxers and "spoon" for warmth. They awake to an audience and are embarrassed by the implications.
violence Moderate portrayals of violence are depicted, but without detail and justified by context. The film contains fighting sequences where the protagonist incapacitates his enemies by means of punching and kicking, as well as out-maneuvering and disabling them through the use of common objects that are within his reach. There are, however, no details of injury or bloodshed as the actions are depicted in a fast-paced and comedic manner. The scenes also do not dwell on the victims' suffering or infliction of pain.
profanity The film contains utterances of mild language such as the terms "hell", "*ss", "sh*t", "*ssh*le" and "d*mn".
alcohol There is a scene containing a drug reference when the protagonist tests a white substance with his tongue before acknowledging that it is cocaine and spitting it out.
frightening Frequent scenes of mild action peril including fist fights including knives and pistols In the beginning of the film a man commits suicide to save his friend from a bomb that is strapped to him. At the end of the film a girl is trapped in a sinking boat. This is probably the most intense of any part of the film, though it is not drawn out for long.

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