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A youthful mother and her twin children move into a provincial house that is checked for death.

Aug 21,2015

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Horror | Mystery

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Following the events from the first film, a different family; a mother and her 2 sons move into a rural house that's marked for death. When the deputy from the first film learns that this family is next in line to fall to the demon Bhughul, he races before time to stop it and save them from the same fate.


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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There is No sex or Nudity in this movie. A woman asks a man to stay the night. A man and woman kiss passionately for about 3 seconds. They quickly stop and apologize to one another. A man tells another man, "Once you get a piece of a woman like that, its hard to shake it off."
violence Sinister 2 is less mysterious and nostalgic but more gory than the first Sinister film: Several snuff films are shown, and though some of them rely more on the creepy vintage super 8 look and music to be frightening, one features a religious family tied down to the floor of a church with bowls over their stomachs. Inside each bowl is a rat. Hot coals are placed over each bowl, which heats up the bowls and forces the rats to escape being burnt by digging their way out through the peoples' internal organs, killing them. Some rats are seen running away covered in blood and guts, and some of the people twitch in agony. In another snuff reel, a family is eaten by an alligator. Though the alligator was created with CGI and looks somewhat cheap, it is still a disturbing scene. One film shows a family dying of hypothermia out in the snow. Another film shows a family being electrocuted. The last snuff video shows a man strapped in a dentist's chair with a drill going into his mouth. Very brief but is somewhat gory. The father of the two twins in this film abuses the family and eventually comes to retrieve them, but Deputy So & So comes to rescue them. A man is burnt alive. A boy turns to ash and decays. A man hits a young boy with a candle stick. Very bloody scenes throughout. A young boy brutally abuses his brother. Scenes with the children's father are very acute. A woman yells at her husband very angrily. A mother explains that her son was regularly beaten by his father. Towards the end of the film a boy is very aggressive towards his brother. A man beats another man and threatens to kill him, accusing the man of sleeping with his wife. (See Sex & Nudity) The snuff films are very realistic and show families being tortured. Can be very hard to watch for some. A young boy is forced to watch snuff films. A man and a woman get into a very heated argument. Courtney asks the deputy how he knows her son was abused, and the deputy tells her that he reminds him of himself when he was a kid. A boy gets so frightened of his father that he pees himself. Milo makes threats that Bughuul will be very mad if the new snuff reel isn't finished. Deputy's hand is partially cut off with a scythe, very bloody and gross scene. Deputy is crushed behind a desk and then hit with a bag of golf clubs. Clint forces his son to eat mashed potatoes, yelling "EAT IT!" violently and then shoving mashed potatoes into his mouth. Deputy hits a boy with a vehicle and the boy drops the 16mm camera. Deputy destroys the 16mm camera with a golf club, exposing the film to the light. The boy holding the camera screams "No!" repeatedly. A creepy man chases a woman and her two sons through a supermarket but a security guard stop him. Deputy falls through a wall while investigating the church. Disturbing photos of crime scenes are shown. A HAM radio signal is played, filled with screaming, and it is revealed that the signal was recorded from the location of a murder scene. The voice of a child speaking Norwegian is heard, saying "I can't hear Bughuul over your yelling, mom".
profanity A boy criticizes his brother using very foul language. Many uses of the word sh*t. There are at least 6 or so f-words through out the film.
alcohol A woman smokes a cigarette. A woman and a man become intoxicated and kiss. (See Sex & Nudity) A few minor scenes with liquor.
frightening The Bughuul demon is present much more in this film. A few jump scares throughout. Some more intense than others. At the end of the film there is a last jump scare that is very frightening. Children are seen with decayed-looking faces. The snuff films are disturbing

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