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Some of Sin Citys most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with a few of its more reviled inhabitants.

Aug 22,2014

Hollywood Movies | Crime | Thriller

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Some of Sin Citys most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with a few of its more reviled inhabitants.

Co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller reunite to bring Millers Sin City graphic novels back to the screen. Weaving together two of Millers classic stories with new tales, the towns most hard boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more notorious inhabitants.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A sex scene similar one in the first Sin City, with breasts and brief thrusting. A woman is seen naked on multiple occasions, partly shadowed or dressed in sheer lingerie. Nipples are shown extended periods. A woman's breasts are visible as she stands beside a car by a saloon. Then the scene cuts. A naked man being chased falls off a roof. His groin is shadowed. A man and a woman outside a saloon are shown up against the wall and kissing. A woman stands in a window wearing a bra. Women show cleavage, buttocks, skin. A man wearing a sleeveless undershirt and long boxers sits on a bed and we see his knees. Strippers dance provocatively.
violence We see a character shot in the shoulder with a revolver. A woman shoots a man five times in the chest and arms with a pistol before a shot from off screen hits her, and she sinks to the floor, dead, with open eyes. A man driving a car shoots a male passenger in the head and there is a blood splatter. A woman enters a house where she confronts the owner and they fight over a gun; she suffers gunshots to her side and thigh before a ghost appears in a mirror, distracts the homeowner and the woman shoots him dead. A man and a woman kill three men on motorcycles using gunshots, blood splattering white. A man convinces another man to help him break into a mansion and his eyes turn red with anger about the first man being hurt by the mansion owner; one man kills six guards with rifles causing blood to spurt white, then the man with rifles fistfights with a guard and each slugs the other and they are each thrown into walls; a woman inside the house shoots the other man who broke in five times with a pistol (he is not seriously hurt) and another woman grabs him by the throat, but releases him; the man shoots a guard six times and a woman fires a rifle at him several times to finally kill him and he falls dead into a swimming pool. A man sneaks across a roof and breaks into a mansion, where he confronts another man who pulls a small pistol from a desk drawer as a guard kicks the man violently (Some red blood). A woman kisses a man and then dies, slumping to the floor with open eyes. Many characters throughout this movie are killed by arrows shot from a bow. A large man fights with a bodyguard and dives with him through a large picture window, shattering the glass and blood is visible on both of their faces. In three other scenes, a man jumps out of third story windows, shattering them loudly and falling to the pavement, shaken but only slightly injured, with some red blood on his forehead. A large man jumps through a moving police cruiser windshield, shattering the glass loudly and jumps out unharmed. A man with a bandaged face leans over a male patient and points a gun at his face. A woman confronts a ghost saying, "You blew your brains out. You put a gun in your mouth and blew your brains out" as she slams a bottle onto a sheet of glass on a coffee table, breaking the glass; the ghost has a glowing white cross on his forehead, perhaps signifying a wound. The small image of a man walks down the center of a poker table and an older man throws cards at him, slicing him into sections that crumple together (no blood).
profanity 5 sh-ts, 4 -sses (1 with "hole"), 2 b-tches, 2 wh-res, 2 sons of b-tches, 1 slang term for sex ('bang"), 1 f-cker, 1 sl-t, 1 sk-nk, 1 bast-rd, and 1 d-ckhead. As well as 16-18 uses of hell and damn. A couple of stereotypical references towards men, women, criminals, corrupt cops, corrupt legislators, thugs, ghosts, dominatrices, strippers, private investigators, uptight police investigators, devious wives, bodyguards, gamblers and hired assassins.
alcohol One of the bar top/stage dancers drinks alcohol straight from the bottle in several scenes and ends up staggering around the stage and then through the center stage exit. There is smoking seen in many scenes by various characters.
frightening The finger-breaking scene may not be easy to watch. Several intense beatings, shootings, and such throughout the movie. 2 men are killed by point blank shotgun blasts. A third man is killed by a point blank handgun shot. A woman cuts her own face with shards of broken mirror glass. Throughout this film there are many beheadings. Most of them are done in a semi-animated stylized fashion but they are no less than full decapitations with spraying and squirting "blood" often appearing as white colored squirts and sprays. More sensitive viewers may appreciate a warning about this material. Ages 15 to 16 and older.

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