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In the seventeenth century, two Portuguese Jesuit clerics go to Japan trying to find their guide, who is reputed to have submitted disaffection, and to engender Catholicism.

Dec 22,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | History

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The narrative of two Catholic teachers (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) who confront a definitive trial of confidence when they go to Japan looking for their missing coach (Liam Neeson) - when Catholicism was banned and their nearness prohibited.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Male rear nudity is shown in a non-sexual context infrequently in the film.
violence A central theme of the movie is the intentional infliction of torture. While the portrayal of the torture is not as gruesome or gory as some slasher films, many characters in the film suffer horrendous fates in a manner deliberately intended to inflict emotional and spiritual distress on other characters, and by proxy, the audience. The opening shot of the film shows two severed heads on a fence. Multiple characters are shown being tortured to death by having boiling water splashed in their faces and dripped slowly over the bodies. Their raw, swollen skin is shown as their bodies are taken away. It is mentioned that people were tortured in this manner for over a month before they died. Three characters are crucified on a rocky shore in a manner that ensures they drown slowly (one of them after four days).Their bodies are shown awash in the ocean, half-hanging off crosses, and later being burnt on pyres. Multiple other scenes depict characters being deliberately drowned and burnt alive. A man is suddenly and unexpectedly beheaded by a samurai in plain view. While some bloodshed is visible, the details of the sword's impact are obscured by the camera angle. We see the head rolling across the ground, and there are multiple shots of the headless body being dragged away, leaving a long bloodstain. Multiple characters are shown being tortured by being bound, their scalp cut, and hung upside down with their heads sticking through a small hole into a pit of putrid offal. A man's dead body is shown being cremated in the traditional Buddhist manner.
profanity While there is no cursing in the film, there are multiple scenes of apostasy and blasphemy.
alcohol A character is shown passed out drunk. When awakened he is combative and uncoordinated, clearly still intoxicated. After stumbling around a tavern he is taken outside where he vomits twice. Other scenes of mild alcohol consumption.
frightening Much of the film involves the intentional infliction of physical, emotional, and spiritual torture in order to induce people and witnesses to renounce their religion. There are also many scenes involving impoverished peasants living in squalor and being terrorized by an inquisitor looking for outlawed Christians. There are multiple scenes of characters renouncing their faith, either by words or by trampling/spitting on Christian symbols.

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