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Investigator Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart accomplice Watson take part in a clash of minds and muscle with an adversary whose plot is a risk to all of England.

Dec 25,2009

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Action | Crime

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After at last getting serial executioner and mysterious "alchemist" Lord Blackwood, unbelievable sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his right hand Dr. Watson can close yet another effective case. In any case, when Blackwood bafflingly comes back from the grave and continues his slaughtering spree, Holmes must take up the chase by and by. Battling with his accomplice's new life partner and the moronic head of Scotland Yard, the dauntless criminologist must disentangle the hints that will lead him into a wound web of homicide, trickery, and dark enchantment - and the dangerous grasp of flirt Irene Adler.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity In one scene, Irene Adler strips down, but entirely covered either by a towel or by a dressing guard. She is naked and seen from behind, no crucial parts seen when she disapears behind a wall. The following scene Holmes wakes up completely naked with only a pillow guarding the sight of anything. Very comical. In multiple scenes Holmes is teased by Irene, although no sexual activity follows. Irene kisses Holmes very hard after he's been drugged. A man is seen in a bathtub. It can be inferred that the man is nude (obviously, since he is taking a bath), but nothing is ever seen below his chest.
violence At the beginning of the movie, there is a large scene where Holmes and Watson fight through several of Black's men. Holmes goes through carefully explained thoughts on how he will take down men on several occasions, dislocations of various joints (jaws, knees, shoulders, elbows) and shows the breaking of several legs and ribs as they are hit in slow motion. Some sound effects follow the impacts (a crunch, etc.) Holmes and Watson are stumbled upon and get in many fights throughout, which are bloodless and usually silent except for grunts and music. In short, there is no sound of bones breaking or things like that. Usually. A character uses a cattle prod to violently shock a man in three occasions. Although he does not die. This scene is somewhat comedic. Holmes is hit in the legs and appears to be run over by a boat. Pig carcasses are cut in half by a large saw, there is no gore, but we see the carcasses get sliced and see pieces of raw, sometimes bloody meat lying on the floor. An imprisoned character is put on the conveyor which is sawing pig carcasses but is not harmed. This scene is intense. Bloody animal parts are tossed into a machine's mechanism. A man cuts off a dead rat's tail for a science experiment. Several men are shot. An explosion harms several important characters. The scene is drawn out in slow motion. A man drowns in a bathtub. No nudity from the chest down. A man bursts into flames and falls out a three-story window. There are two hanging scenes, one is a casual way of killing a prisoner on death row, while the other very violent. A woman falls off a bridge and appears to die. Many times Holmes will find himself dodging blows from things such as a hammer wielded by a large man, these scenes may get intense.
profanity Profanity: 3 Some blasphemy: "Oh my God!" and "Dear God!" Also one "Hell," and one "D*mn."
alcohol Holmes smokes a pipe on three occasions throughout the movie. There is a lot of drinking of wines and hard liquors throughout, such as at restaurants and seen at formal scenes in the movie. After getting out of a gambling fight, Holmes picks up an old fashion beer and takes a swig as the scene ends. Holmes collapses after being sneaked a sedative in a wine. Holmes tries several "experiments" on his dog with things such as a homemade anesthesia. In one scene, Watson tells Holmes that what he's drinking is "meant for eye surgery." A knowledge of the original stories would imply that the substance in question is cocaine, but this is never explicitly stated, and the line is played for laughs.
frightening The opening scene may be intense. It appears that they are controlling a woman with dark magic and is exorcism-esque. Doesn't last long but may frighten some. There is a scene where they open a coffin and see a dead man. There are maggots crawling out of his face. We see this image several more times throughout in a flashback. No blood or gore. We see quick views of the dissection of a frog and some rats. Just like high school biology. There is a quite long scene where a girl is going to be burned alive, and then sawed in half inside a butchery, and Holmes and Watson attempt to save her. It's really just a rescue scene. In the Butcher shop there are quite a few dead pigs, pig heads, and pig corpses being sawed in half and dead rats which have been gutted. This may be gross and disturbing to some viewers. There is not very much blood. There are several scene involving dark magic. One in-particular where a character attempts to "see" and ends up seeing rather violent flashbacks controlled by Black, which highly involve deaths and quite a few scary images. One man randomly combusts into flames which appears to be due to dark magic and is in itself quite unexpected and may be intense to some viewers. MPAA/USA - Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some startling images and a scene of suggestive material. BBFC/UK - Rated 12A (moderate violence).

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