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A tale of modern love.

Dec 07,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime

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Set in London's world of high class call girls, Amoureux Solitaires tells the story of London based French escort Virginie, and Rupert, a man who rescues trafficked girls.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Lots of sex scenes, mostly without nudity, involving prostitutes. Sexual activity is portrayed in the film but it is justified by context, infrequent and without strong detail. Depictions of occasional, mild sexual activity (i.e. kissing and hugging) between persons of the same gender are also shown but justified by context and not gratuitous. The film contains several sexual scenes where sexual movements are shown and some female upper body nudity is seen. In one of the stronger scenes, two men are seen engaging in sexual foreplay with a pair of prostitutes, and instructing the latter to kiss each other. However, the scene does not develop further as the women soon leave the room after one of the men starts getting violent with one of the women. Overall, the sexual scenes do not contain strong details as the focal point is often on the couples' facial expressions and their upper bodies. As such, the scenes would be more appropriate for an older audience.
violence The film contains some scenes of violence where characters physically assault others by throwing punches or kicks at them. There are, however, no visible details of bloodletting and/or injuries.
profanity The expletive "f**k" is uttered by some characters during the film in outbursts of anger.
frightening 'Sex Doll' is a French drama that revolves around Virginie, a French woman plying the sex trade as a high-price prostitute in the city of London. After a chance encounter with a man named Rupert, Virginie attempts to reset her life by escaping from the shackles of the brothel owner. Official BBFC Rating: 15 (strong sex) Official CNC Rating: Tous publics (with warning)

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