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Rush Hour (1998)

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Two cops team up to get back a kidnapped daughter.

Sep 18,1998

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Action | Crime

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Cultures clash and tempers flares as the two cops named Detective Inspector Lee a Hong Kong Detective and Detective James Carter FBI, a big-mouthed work-alone Los Angeles cop who are from different worlds discovers one thing in common: they can't stand each other. With time running out, they must join forces to catch the criminals and save the eleven-year-old Chinese girl of the Chinese consul named Soo Yung.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Carter apologizes to Johnson about spreading rumors that he and she slept together. As she starts to go after Carter, Lee puts out his hands to stop her, and they end up on her padded vest- covered breasts (and he quickly removes his hands). No sequences of nudity or sex, but it is sometimes hinted at.
violence Martial arts violence and some shootouts throughout, some resulting in bloody deaths. A kidnapping scene where a little girl is violently grabbed and taken (with bloody results). In the final fight scene, Juntao hits Lee five times with a suitcase.
profanity 34 uses of "s**t," 32 uses of "a**," 14 uses of "hell," 6 uses of "damn," 10 uses of "god damn," 4 uses of "nigger," 1 use of "Jesus," 1 use of "God," and 4 uses of "bitch." Total: 106
alcohol Carter comments that his mother is embarrassed that he's on the LAPD, and so tells everyone that her son's a drug dealer instead. A man is seen smoking weed twice.
frightening Some may find the scene when Soo Yung is captured frightening. Juntao / Griffin falls from the rafters of the Los Angeles Convention Center and lands on top of a fountain.

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