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A single parent tries to break free from a strange association that has stole her.

Jul 15,2016

Hollywood Movies | Thriller

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A single parent tries to break free from a strange association that has stole her.
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Movie Parental Guide

profanity The film features some use of the expletive "f**k", which is uttered mainly by the female protagonist out of fear and when under duress.
frightening 'Rupture' is a sci-fi thriller about Renee, a single mother who is abducted and taken to a secret facility. As her captors conduct tests on her, she tries to uncover why she was chosen and escape her prison. ---------------------------------------------------- Some depictions of horror in the film can be perceived as more realistic and intense for younger viewers. The film is recommended for teen audiences, mainly for a sense of threat when the female protagonist finds herself in threatening situations such as being kidnapped and tied up in a van, before lying helplessly in bed with her arms and legs tied down, while her fears are exploited. There are depictions of her screaming and shaking violently on some occasions as she is forced to confront her fears. There are also scenes of other victims who have their phobias exploited, some of which include simulations of drowning and being placed in close proximity of snakes. The sight of the victims being frightened when faced with their phobias, as well as the distortions of their faces, may be disturbing to younger viewers. As such, the film would be more suitable for a teen audience. ---------------------------------------------------- Expected MPAA Rating: Rated R for language and some terror/disturbing scenes Expected Canada Rating: 14A (frightening scenes) [British Columbia; Consumer Protection BC]

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