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The Rebel Alliance makes a hazardous move to take the arrangements for the Death Star, setting up the epic adventure to take after.
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All searches lost for the Rebellion against the Empire as they learn of the presence of another super weapon, the Death Star. Once a conceivable shortcoming in its development is revealed, the Rebel Alliance must set out on an edgy mission to take the arrangements for the Death Star. The fate of the whole cosmic system now rests upon its prosperity.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity -One mildly promiscuous image -Some scenes of mild intimacy (hugging, romantic feelings...)
violence -Implied mass murder -Bodies depicted lying out in mass numbers -Some characters are shot with laser blasters -Death from explosions, includes brief shots of burning and falling bodies -Some rather slight bloody imagery -Allusions to torture via alien-like creature -An instance of gray morality, involving a protagonist shooting a Stormtrooper -Some generic battle sequences including spaceship dogfights, weapon imagery, explosions, and laser blasts. -A very high body count
profanity None
alcohol A man drinks a glass of a certain alienated drink and looks at the glass appreciatively.
frightening The main players die in the film, though they die relatively clean deaths. The morality is made more gray when a protagonist shoots a wounded Stormtrooper. Thematics aren't particularly strong, but do contain some slight commentary on dictatorships, corruption, and WMD's. Deaths are reasonably sad, and the film is darker relative to other films in the saga. a scene involving Darth Vader. could be frightening to some younger viewers he slashes alot of rebels down to the ground chokes them force freezes them and throws them against walls stabbing them as well. this scene also takes place in a dark corridor which is used for suspense Film Keywords: Dark Desperate Team Sarcastic War Gritty Age Recommendation: 10+, *11+ *For some sad/upsetting narrative elements

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