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A true story of survival... declassified.

Sep 09,2006

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Adventure | War

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A US Fighter pilot's epic struggle of survival after being shot down on a mission over Laos during the Vietnam War.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 2/10 Several scenes of topless men who have severely lost weight due to starvation.
violence 7/10 A man swings an axe at a pleading, kneeling man, slicing open the latter's leg (A bloody cut is shown). The latter screams and the attacker swings the axe again, beheading him (This is off-screen, but we later see the aftermath which depicts the victim's severed head and body lying on the ground in a pool of blood). A man shoots a man and he falls backward (We later see that he was shot and wounded slightly in the neck, but its not fatal). A man shoots a group of men in the chest and abdomen (They fall backwards, and we see brief glimpses of bloody bullet holes; some, but little blood). A character is tortured by being put into a neck-high well and forced to stay afloat while bound. A man is hung upside down with a wasp's nest placed by his face. The story revolves around a prisoner of war being treaten harshly by his captors. A man ties a man to a tree and fires a machine gun around him; the former protests and the latter fires the gun by his face, and he loses his hearing temporairly. There is much shooting that occurs in the film, but most of it results in the intended targets not being hit. A fighter jet is shot at and crashes; the pilot is thrown from the cockpit and smashes into the ground, but he's still alive and gets to his feet quickly. A fighter jet bombs a few buildings (explosions are depicted). Film footage of the Saigon bombings (We see bombs dropping and explosions from above).
profanity 6/10 2 uses of f***, 1 missable and the other shouted in distress. 10 or so uses of s***, several in 1 particular scene, though not used in anger. uses of bitch, goddamn, ass
alcohol 2/10 Characters are depicted smoking.
frightening 6/10 Some extremely tense scenes depict prisoners of war attempting to rebel against their captors.

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