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At the point when the cosmic system goes under the risk of an accursed space skipper, a workman and his newly discovered robot associate join a tip top squad of soldiers to spare the universe.
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Ratchet and Clank recounts the narrative of two impossible legends as they battle to stop a disgusting outsider named Chairman Drek from wrecking each planet in the Solana Galaxy. At the point when the two discover a hazardous weapon equipped for decimating whole planets, they should unite with a group of vivid legends called The Galactic Rangers so as to spare the system. Along the way they'll find out about bravery, kinship, and the significance of finding one's own character.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Probably some innuendos like the video games; several characters wear formfitting jumpsuits, particularly the female characters.
violence Animated violence but little to no gore.
profanity Maybe some mild swears and innuendos.
alcohol Maybe alcohol and health pickups (From the game series).

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