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When it turns out to be clear that his performance collection is a disappointment, a previous kid band part makes every effort to keep up his superstar status.

Jun 03,2016

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At the point when his new collection neglects to offer records, pop/rap genius conner4real goes into a noteworthy spiral and watches his VIP high life start to fall. He'll have a go at anything to ricochet back, anything aside from rejoining with his old rap aggregate The Style Boyz.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Full male body nudity is depicted but is not excessive. Close-ups of male genitalia are also contextually justified. The film contains a scene depicting a male fan exposing his genitalia for the singer to sign on, as well as a close-up of a female fan flashing her bare breasts against a car window to a singer asking him to sign them. As the above scenes are explicit, they would be more appropriate for an adult audience.
profanity There are several utterances of the stronger expletive "motherf**ker", as well as the frequent usage of the expletive "f**k" throughout the film.
alcohol The film contains scenes involving drug-taking, including a brief depiction of one female character snorting drugs, as well as three male characters smoking weed.
frightening 'Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping' is a mockumentary parodying the outrageous extent to which some artists are willing to go in their quest to become famous. It follows the career of a fictitious pop star, Connor4Real, as his popularity nosedives following a series of miscalculated moves. Official MPAA Rating: Rated R for some graphic nudity, language throughout, sexual content and drug use

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