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A tranquil perception of the triumphs and thrashings of day by day life, alongside the verse obvious in its littlest subtle elements.

Nov 17,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

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Precisely one week in the life of a young fellow named Paterson of Paterson, New Jersey is exhibited. He experience a to a great degree controlled and routinized life, that routine maybe most clearly showed by the way that he can wake up at the very same time each day without a caution. That life incorporates having Cheerios for breakfast, strolling to work conveying his cocoa sack lunch put together in his lunch bucket by his significant other Laura, having an easygoing visit with his associate Donny before he starts his day of work driving the #23 Paterson transport for the nearby open travel organization, strolling home where he rectifies the outside post box which by one means or another amid the day gets thumped slanted, dining with Laura and tuning in to her goings-on of the day, taking Laura's English bulldog Marvin - who he would admit to himself he doesn't much like - out for a stroll to his neighborhood bar where he has one and just a single brew before strolling home with Marvin. There are everyday varieties which are frequently the ...

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 2/10 At about 1:22-2:05, Laura is seen in bed and it is implied that she is naked. No nudity is shown. Paterson kisses her a couple of times. At 15:52-17:51, Laura is seen naked in bed once again. Her blanket is covering most of her body (Her backside is visible from the side, no nudity is shown). Paterson kisses her body sensually and then covers her up. At 20:38-23:10, two men have a conversation about women and about how they both, " Knew what the women wanted."
profanity 4.5/10 1 racial slur, 2 uses of D*mn, 2 uses of Ass, 2 uses of Hell, 2 uses of F*ck, 2 uses of Motherf*cker, and 3 uses of Sh*t. Strong language is infrequent in this film.
alcohol 3/10 Paterson is seen at a bar a number of times throughout the film. Social drinking is present in a number of scenes.
frightening At 1:22:35, Everett enters a bar and pulls out a gun. He points the gun at the people in the bar and then at his own head. In a way, this scene is somewhat comedic. Official MPAA Rating: Rated R for some language All this brought to you by:

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