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A few gets themselves tricked into a Russian oligarch#39;s arrangements to abscond, and are soon situated between the Russian Mafia and the British Secret Service, neither of whom they can trust.

May 13,2016

Hollywood Movies | Thriller

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Whenever Peter and his better half, Gail, run into the appealling Dima on their Moroccan occasion, the intense Russian rushes to test Peter to an amicable session of tennis. However, this harmless challenge is not all it appears - Dima is a long-lasting worker of the Russian mafia, whose new manager, 'The Prince', needs him and his family dead. His lone trust is to request that the clueless Peter dealer him asylum with the British knowledge administrations, consequently to expose a vein of defilement that runs right to the heart of the City of London. Before long they wind up on a convoluted excursion through Paris to a sheltered house in the Swiss Alps and, with the might of the Russian mafia shutting in, start to understand this specific match has the most noteworthy stakes of all...

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Scenes of strong sex include a man kissing a woman's breasts, and sight of a man thrusting into a woman against a wall. One scene of male nudity as a man walks through a spa changing room. There is a brief scene of sexual violence in which a man is seen thrusting into a woman from behind as she cries out for him to stop.
violence Scenes of strong violence include shootings with resultant sight of blood, a stabbing, and a brief sequence implying a man's head has been crushed by a rock. In one scene, a man kicks a woman in the head causing her mouth and nose to bleed.
profanity 'Cunt' is used but not frequently There is also occasional use of 'Fuck' and 'Motherfucker' aswell as uses of milder language such as 'Shit' & 'Prick'
alcohol Drug use includes a man snorting cocaine.
frightening The film and its subject may seem to some as very intense! (Once again im having to clean up a mess of a parents guide thanks to @BBSAdmin, who seems to think it is some place to tell a story instead of the contents of a film and just the contents, not a storyline!!)

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