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A veteran assigned to extract Earth#39;s remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.
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One of the few remaining drone repairmen assigned to Earth, its surface devastated after decades of war with the alien Scavs, discovers a crashed spacecraft with contents that bring into question everything he believed about the war, and may even put the fate of mankind in his hands.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity (0:1:22) A man and woman wake up in bed together, the man is shirtless and the woman is wearing PJ top and bottom. (0:2:50) During the narrative somewhat in the beginning, a woman takes a shower as the camera shoots from behind. Her hip and a little bit of the right breast are slightly visible as she gestures towards a man (presumably naked) coming into the scene. (0:21:40) A man is seen in the shower, from the stomach up. (0:25:19) A woman removes her dress from behind, her back and her buttocks are shown as she is fully nude. However this scene is dark and only somewhat visible. Is completely visible several seconds later as she swims across the pool. She dives into a pool, a man then heads toward the pool and is pulled in with his clothes still on. He then takes his shirt off, while the woman swims towards him. She then wraps her hands around him and they start kissing passionately as they go below the water surface. We then see them -from a distant shot- wrapped around each other fully nude. Then the camera is back very close to their kissing faces. At the end of these scenes, he wakes up in bed with the woman, he is wearing PJ bottoms and she is wearing PJ top and bottom. (1:25:46) A woman is shown wearing a long shirt only with bare thighs and legs visible. (1:28:50) She kisses a man, then the scene cuts to a distant night shot of a cabin, then it transforms into daylight; sex is implied, as we are later shown a child of their own. (1:52:27) A naked man is seen in an incubation chamber, only side view, nothing can be seen. Then, many of these chambers are seen with both men and women.
violence Two people in a shuttlecraft fly through a lightning storm as they are pursued by drones firing laser machine guns at them and bumping into them trying to destroy their vessel, unsuccessfully; There is a fistfight between two men with a lot of rifle pointing; a gun fires off screen, later we learn another human was hit by it (we see blood on her hand). The woman has a large patch of blood on her stomach from the gunwound. A first aid tool is used to heal it, with the warning it will hurt a lot then the camera cuts away and we hear very distraught screaming. A man confronts several aliens, firing his laser-rifle, a drone appears behind him and fires laser-guns to try to destroy the aliens - it unclear if any die or not. A drone fires on a woman, evaporating her into bits of ash and floating cloth which land on a man. Another woman fires a weapon at the drone and destroys it. Several drones fire laser-cannons at people, while they return heavy fire; we see several bursts of sparks and flames, with smoke in the background; one man is thrown off-screen and we do not see him again for a while, a few people fall (we do not see blood) and an elderly man lies on the floor (we cannot see his wounds). A few people are evaporated by the laser fire. An alien slams a rifle butt into the man's face, cutting his nose, which bleeds across both cheeks. A woman is threatened with a gun to her head. A man fires a gun at the chest of a person, who falls down, but a moment later we realize he was just stunned but unharmed. A drone demolishes five pods killing the sleeping humans in them. We only see the pods being destroyed, however another man and woman are almost destroyed by the drone.
profanity 6 uses of "hell," 5 of "shit" (including 1 use of "bullshit") 3 of "Goddamn," 3 of "son of a bitch," and 1 use each of "fuck," "Oh, my God" and "damn."
alcohol At mark 54mins, we see a man lighting up a match, then using it to light up a cigar. He then smokes the cigar for about 2.5 mins.
frightening Alien scavs are a bit scary. Intense scenes.

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