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The Four Horsemen reemerge and are persuasively enrolled by a tech virtuoso to pull off their most incomprehensible heist yet. font color=#ff0000font

Jun 10,2016

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Action | Thriller

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One year subsequent to outsmarting the FBI and winning people in general's hero worship with their Robin Hood-style enchantment displays, The Four Horsemen reemerge for a rebound execution with expectations of uncovering the unscrupulous practices of a tech head honcho. The man behind their vanishing demonstration is none other than Walter Mabry, a tech wonder who debilitates the Horsemen into pulling off their most inconceivable heist yet. Their exclusive trust is to perform one final phenomenal trick to clear their names and uncover the genius behind it all.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Some sexual references, and one celebratory kiss.
violence Many people get kicked, punched, beaten up, etc. In a comedic scene, a woman pretends to be a chef and pretends to fight with someone over who holds a sharp whirring razor blade, she ultimately drops it onto her arm and blood spurts everywhere briefly, and there is a lot of blood on her arm, this is later revealed to be fake, when she throws off her fake arm.
profanity 3 abuses of the name "Jesus"; 12 misuses of "God." 1 instance of the 'f' word and 1 of "frickin'," 7 of the 's' word, 2 of 'ass,' 17 of "hell," 2 of "damn," multiple uses of "shit" and "bullshit", and 1 use of 'dick.' 1 occurrence of "crap." Approximately 3 middle-finger gestures ('the bird').
alcohol 2 men sit down to drink a fancy bottle of alcohol.
frightening This has some chase scenes that can be intense. Dylan fights with a group of people. Dylan is locked in a safe and water pours in. He nearly drowns, and is rescued

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