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A Portokalos family mystery brings the darling characters back together for a much greater and Greeker wedding.

Mar 25,2016

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance

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As yet working in her folks' Greek eatery, Toula Portokalos' girl Paris is growing up. She is motivating prepared to graduate secondary school and Toula and Ian are encountering conjugal issues. At the point when Toula's folks discover they were never formally hitched, another wedding is in progress. Will this enormous, fat, Greek occasion unite the family?

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A married couple start making out in their car and the husband's shirt is unbuttoned and almost off when they are interrupted by her parents. A woman flirting with a married man unzips the top part of her dress. Cousin Angelo is revealed to be gay and has a boyfriend. His family warmly accepts Angelo's relationship. A flyer for the high school's gay and lesbian club is also shown. A lot of women wear dresses and shirts that show a lot of cleavage. Aunt Voula makes many suggestive comments, thought they are mostly for comedic effect and are quite tame. References to one's plucky, nuts, nads, etc. A lot of sexual references.
violence During a volleyball game, Toula gets knocked in the head with a ball and falls to the ground.
profanity Zero profanity References to nuts, nads, "protecting the plucky" A man tells his granddaughter that she needs to hurry up and get married before her eggs dry up
alcohol No smoking A lot of social drinking, mostly at the end during the reception Four men stand out on the lawn and do shots together A groom gets wasted on his wedding day. Standing at the altar during his wedding, he's obviously intoxicated One reference to marijuana in dialogue
frightening A teenage girl is intent on getting away from her family, much to the dismay of her mother. While talking about it to her husband, she begins to cry. It's revealed that during the recession, the family lost their travel agency and dry cleaning businesses, and Toula had to go back to work at Dancing Zorba's to help her parents. A husband tells his wife she's so concerned with taking care of her parents that she can't give any time to prioritize their marriage. Angelo is gay but hides it from his family. Nick confronts him about keeping secrets from his family, and Angelo's mother, Voula, asks him directly, to which she assures him isn't anything he needs to hide. This is quite a tame movie and definitely could've been PG-rated.

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