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An ageless story of human self-revelation and association, Moonlight narratives the life of a youthful dark man from adolescence to adulthood as he battles to discover his place on the planet while experiencing childhood in a harsh neighborhood of Miami.

Sep 10,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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Three eras - youthful immaturity, mid-teenager and youthful grown-up - in the life of dark American Chiron is introduced. At the point when a youngster, Chiron lives with his single, break someone who is addicted mother Paula in a wrongdoing ridden neighborhood in Miami. Chiron is a timid, pulled back kid to a great extent because of his little size and being disregarded by his mom, who is more worried about getting her fixes and fulfilling her fleshly needs than dealing with him. In view of these issues, Chiron is tormented, the slurs heaved at him which he doesn't comprehend past realizing that they are intended to be destructive. Other than his same matured Cuban-American companion Kevin, Chiron is given what little direction he has in life from an area street pharmacist named Juan, who can see that he is ignored, and Juan's minding sweetheart Teresa, whose home goes about as an asylum far from the harassers and far from Paula's manhandle. With this adolescence as an establishment, Chiron may have a foreordained way in life, one that may be amplified in wording.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 6/10 A teen boy is seen having anal sex with with a woman from behind. Nothing graphic is shown and they're both shown from the waist up, fully clothed. There is a lot of moaning. Two teen boys kiss on a beach. One begins to unbuckle the other's belt; in the next scene, it's implied one is masturbating the other (it's shown from behind). One moans in pleasure and his grip in the sand tightens, implying orgasm. As homosexuality is a plot device, it's often discussed. Some mentions of "getting head".
violence 5/10 Two teen boys fight each other; one encourages the other to stay down as he's forced to beat him. The beating is quite brutal as there is blood splatter on the ground and a brief blood spurt when he is punched. A teen boy submerges his face in ice water to dull the wounds resulting from a beating. There is a lot of blood running from his nose. A teen boy hits someone with a chair and he falls unconscious.
profanity 7/10 Several uses of "fuck" and "shit. A number of uses of homophobic slurs like "faggot" and "queer". "Nigga" is often used repeatedly too.
alcohol 7/10 Moderate drinking and smoking. A plot element is that the protagonist's mother is a crack addict. She isn't seen doing crack at any point but her withdrawals are shown, and are very intense. She is seen in a halfway house at one point. A woman snorts coke off a mirror in one scene. Some people are shown smoking blunts.
frightening 8/10 The depiction of homophobia, while not as bad as films like "Shank", may still upset. The main character's mother is a crack addict and it is very hard to watch her withdrawals. A fight insues and with two teenage boys which is quite brutal. Overall Rating: 33/50, A pretty moderate R rating but still has some uncomfortable/inappropriate elements. Most of the drugs, sex, and violence is used to show how hard it is to live in an urban environment.

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