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720p, 1080p Bluray HD A young lady experiencing an uncommon digestive issue gets herself wonderfully cured subsequent to surviving a repulsive mischance.

Mar 16,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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Marvels FROM HEAVEN depends on the inconceivable genuine story of the Beam family. Whenever Christy (Jennifer Garner) finds her 10-year-old little girl Anna (Kylie Rogers) has an uncommon, serious malady, she turns into a savage promoter for her little girl's recuperating as she looks for an answer. After Anna has a monstrosity mishap, a remarkable supernatural occurrence unfurls in the wake of her sensational salvage that leaves restorative pros bewildered, her family reestablished and their group roused.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The main woman character wears a low-cut blouse, as part of her sleep wear. The main woman character wears cut off shorts that are cut very short, while she's going up on an elevator.
violence There are a few scenes in the movie involving medical procedures. A 10 year old girl is shown vomiting twice.
profanity A couple of uses of the word "Hell", but it refers to the place and not as a swear word. The daughter says "Hell is in California."
alcohol None.
frightening The Beam's daughter falls ill to a digestive disease. During her hospitalization, there is brief scene depicting a nurse who attempts to insert a feeding tube through her nostril. The footage lasts for a second: the tube inserted into her nose (not a close up camera shot). A 10 year old girl cries in pain as rolls from side to side on her hospital bed. When she is told by her mother that it's too early to take her medicine, she tells her that she wants to die. (This is one of the most emotional scenes in the movie.) A little falls inside an old tree (She ends up okay) The entire movie is incredibly emotional. Parents who have lost a child or have a terminally ill child should be prepared to shed a few tears throughout the movie.

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