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A monitor at a defensively covered auto organization in the Southern U.S. sorts out one of the greatest bank heists in American history. In light of the October 1997 Loomis Fargo burglary.

Sep 29,2016

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Action | Crime

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David Ghantt finds the genuine importance of experience a long ways beyond anything he could ever imagine. He is an uncomplicated man stuck in a tedious life. Without stopping for even a minute he drives a defensively covered vehicle, transporting a huge number of other individuals' cash with not a single escape to be found. The main flash of fervor is his coquettish work smash Kelly Campbell who soon baits him into the plan of a lifetime. Alongside a gathering of half-brained crooks drove by Steve Chambers and a ludicrously blamed heist arrange, David deals with the unimaginable and snatches $17 million in cash...only issue is he absurdly hands the cash over to this wild gathering of traitors and has been set up to accept all negative consequences. With the desperados blowing the millions on luxurious and absurd extravagances, they abandon a glaring trail of proof. Presently on the lam and up the creek without a paddle, David must avoid the experts, dodge a clever hit man, Mike McKinney, and attempt to turn the tables on the ones he put stock in most.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman has some cleavage throughout and flirts with a vulnerable man to manipulate him. Some innuendo, nothing explicit or overtly vulgar. A short (dumb) conversation about lactation (a woman is pricked with a flower on cleavage and a man asks 'shouldn't that be milk?'; she responds 'I think I need to be pregnant for milk' or something like that). A woman uses Vagaway cream.
violence A hit man is sent after a bank robber; he says he prefers torture and enjoys killing but there is no onscreen maiming. The hit man chases our hero, shoots at him and ties him up. A man uses a gun to threaten and blows up a propane tank. A security guard's gun mis-fires unrealistically; no one is hit.
profanity The word 'hell' is used twice. Some name-calling and crude jokes.
alcohol Some alcoholic beverages in background of vacation and party scenes.

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