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A jazz piano player falls for a yearning performing artist in Los Angeles.

Dec 01,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Romance | Music

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Mia, a trying performing artist, serves lattes to motion picture stars in the middle of tryouts and Sebastian, a jazz artist, rub by playing mixed drink party gigs in soiled bars, yet as achievement mounts they are confronted with choices that start to shred the delicate texture of their relationship, and the fantasies they worked so difficult to keep up in each other debilitate to tear them separated.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No nudity, no sex scenes; however, there is what may be considered minor suggestive content. a girl exits a shower wrapped in towel; nothing is shown, but the outline of her nipples are visible though the towel. In the opening scene, a girl dancing flips her skirt up. There is a pool scene where women are clad in bikinis. At a concert, girls on stage dance in a very provocative manner.
violence None.
profanity There is a single utterance of the expletive "f***". There are also two uses of the middle finger. In addition, the film also contains utterances of some mild bad language, such as the terms "g**d***", "a**hole" and "hell", and a few uses of "s***".
alcohol None.
frightening official ratings included below by IMDB

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