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Companions bring forth a plot to recover a stolen cat by acting like street pharmacists for a road posse.

Apr 29,2016

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

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Rell's life is changed everlastingly when a charming cat goes to his entryway, and he names it Keanu. Shockingly, after one weekend, Keanu is stole by persons obscure. Presently Rell and his cousin, Clarence, are men set for discover Keanu against the chances. Tragically, those chances turn out to be hazardously high as they discover Keanu under the watchful eye of the merciless criminal, Cheddar, and he will just part with him at a cost. Presently for that adorable little cat, these two working class bumblers get themselves neck somewhere down in a perilous outsider universe of medications and pack brutality with just their frantic boldness, innovativeness and sheer blind luckiness allowing them to survive.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Some female topless nudity, strip bar scenes. A husband and wife make sexual remarks.
violence Many blood splattering bullet deaths, comedic effect.
profanity F bombs and motherf bombs.
alcohol Marijuana use, and fictional drug depicted.

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